Team:Uppsala Universitet/Basic Part


Basic Part

The basic parts used in the project were codon optimized for Pichia pastoris and synthesised by IDT. Modifications of basic parts such as addition of ribosome standby sites was performed by inverse-mutagenesis PCR.

The team chose F2A as the best basic part created in the project. The self-cleaving mechanism, the functionality of which we proved in P. pastoris, can be used in a multitude of future projects to coexpress proteins in one mRNA strand in a eukaryotic expression system.

# Name Type Description
1 BBa_K3105111 Basic Part RBS with ribosome standby site
2 BBa_K3105668 Basic Part HRP codon optimised for P. pastoris
3 BBa_K3105667 Basic Part AAO codon optimised for P. pastoris
4 BBa_K3105669 Basic Part F2A
5 BBa_K3105670 Basic Part eGFP