Team:Uppsala Universitet


Project Description

The iGEM Uppsala 2019 Team found inspiration by exploring locally into the deep Swedish forests and making unexpected acquaintances with the wood-decaying white-rot fungi. Thus our team decided to take upon the challenge of breaking down lignin, a major paper-processing waste product into valuable compounds. And Biomass Destruction was born!

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Project Design

In order to find an effective way for biomass destruction, our team explored the solution that nature already has: white-rot fungi. After understanding the mechanism of related lignin degradation in fungi, we selected several enzymes to form an enzymatic system that can effectively degrade lignin and hope to express them in industrialized yeasts. When working in yeast systems, time was of the essence. Because of this, the project design was more important than ever! Take a look below on how we tackled this in our design.

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Our Results

We have created an active enzymatic system consisting of three lignin degrading enzymes in a yeast system. Click below to see our results!

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Human Practices

During the project, our team was in contact with several academia and industry experts! Our goal was to develop, gain knowledge, educate and be on the forefront of science and industry. To learn more about the captivating journey we took, dive into our Human Practice page below!

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