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By using the MoClo system, we were able to design and test 87 different parts in our project. This amount of parts is great for our concept, but more importantly this will be a huge advantage for all further iGEM-Teams. By sharing our part collection with the iGEM community, other teams can easily incorporate parts in their projects. The standardized overhangs of the constructs allow an exchange between every lab.

Our 35 composite parts contain promoters (PPSAD, PAR, PTub2), terminators (PSADter, ARter, Tub2ter), and the coding sequences for selection markers (aadA, Hygro), tags (HA, His, SP20-HA, SP20-His), secretion signals (cCA, ARS, GLE) and the enzymes MHETase, wild-type PETase (WT-PETase) mutated PETase (MUT-PETase) and the mutated PETase from the iGEM team TJUSLS China 2016.

Overview of all level 2 MoClo constructs.

In generally level 2 MoClo constructs are assembled of an antibiotic resistance cassette for selection, followed by a secretion signal, the coding sequence for enzymes, as well as posttranslational modification tags (PTM-tag).

Take a look at our part collectionto obtain a deeper insight into our approach and get more information about our constructs.

Have a look, if you are interested in our best basic part or our best composite part.


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