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Realizing a great project idea does not only take compassion but also committed people forming a team together. Without the help of all the people we attribute to our project wouldn’t have gone this far. Thanks to everyone – for small favors, lending an ear, steady care and everything that has been done for us!

Name Responsible Helped
Marcel Analytics, Modeling, Sponsoring, Crowdfunding, Finances Students internship, Events, Microscopy, MoClo, School attendance, Establishing iGEM at the university, Wiki, Survey, Bioreactor
Lukas Teamleader, Analytics, Finances, Human practice, Sponsoring, Crowdfunding, Presentation, School attendance Screening, MoClo, Modeling
Adrian Analytics, Financials, Human Practices, Project Design, Mentoring, Website Bioreactor, MoClo, Sponsoring
Niko Screening and protein biochemistry, Sponsoring, Crowdfunding, Human practices, Establishing iGEM at the university, School attendance Analytics, MoClo, Bioreactor, Poster design, Microscopy
Jules Wiki-Programming, Homepage-Design
Marlene MoClo, Social media, Taking the orders, Survey, Collaboration (Marburg) Analytics, Students internship, Screening and protein biochemistry, Human practices, establishing iGEM at the university, Presentation design
Laura Screening and protein biochemistry, Safety, Sponsoring, Taking the orders, Survey Analytics, MoClo, Microscopy, Human Practices, Presentation Design
Lara MoClo, Design, Website, Sponsoring, Human practices, School attendance, Poster design Analytics, Presentation design, Children’s university, Colloquium, Crowdfunding
Jenny Analytics, Bioreactor, Survey, Taking the orders Sponsoring, Student internship, Design
Saskia Screening and protein biochemistry, Crowdfunding, Recorder, Social Media, Panel discussion, Presentation design Analytics, Students internship, Human Practices
Eva Screening and protein biochemistry, Safety, Human practices, Social Media, Design MoClo, Analytics, Human practices, Presentation design, Presentations
Doro Secondary team leader, MoClo, Design, Crowdfunding, Sponsoring, Project Design, Mentoring, Website, Photography, Collaboration (Marburg) Bioreactor, Students intership


    M. Sc. Justus Niemeyer

    Thanks to Justus for providing us with knowledge on the MoClo System as well as giving introductions to every team member on the general lab procedure. We were really pleased to work with you as well as getting explained how to use devices (“moppeds”).

    M. Sc. Fabian Ries

    Thanks to Fabian for providing daily support, planning experiments with us as well as always helping out in difficult situations. We appreciated to work under your supervising with all the funny moments that happened. Also we want to thank you for being patient enough to explain methods over and over again.


  • M. Sc. Vincent Leon Gotsmann
  • M. Sc. Elena Kreis
  • M. Sc. Julia Lang
  • B. Sc. Anna Probst
  • M. Sc. Benjamin Spaniol
  • M. Sc. Sylvia Thoms
  • M. Sc. Lisa-Desiree Westrich

Principal Investigators


Prof. Dr. Michael Schroda (Molecular Biotechnology & Systems Biology)

Thanks for making it possible for us to participate in the iGEM competition as well as providing a workplace. We really appreciated your full-time engagement and the possibility to ask and discuss questions at any time.


Prof. Dr. Nicole Frankenberg-Dinkel (Microbiology)

Thanks for helping with the PR work, administration as well as helping with experiments on cloning and analysis.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Felix Willmund (Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes)

We want to acknowledge Prof. Willmund for his support and providing us his knowledge about gene design.

Thanks to everyone else from the divisions of Molecular Biotechnology & Systems Biology and Microbiology!

Special Thanks to…

...René Inckemann, our iGEM mentor, for advising and supporting us in all questions about the iGEM competition. Also for taking the time to communicate with us via Skype and proof-reading our forms.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zimmermann from the University of Leipzig for the advice on the choice of PET as well as the presentation at the biological colloquium.

Dr. Frank Schöneberger for the advice on industrial PET recycling.

Dr. Susanne Zehner for the introduction into the use of reverse phase HPLC and support.

Simone Adkins for administration and several calls to the administrators from university as well as every mental support you gave.

Iris Richter for administration and help with organization.

Dr. Frederik Sommer for measuring our samples by LC-MS.

Bernhard Lorig for the introduction into crowdfunding, the workshop and the support of our campaign.

Dr. Daniel Moog for providing us with his work before publishing as well as the dicussion about analytic methods.

M. Sc. Marjan A. Nejad and René Hafner for helping us with the MD Simulation.

Jonathan Fränkle for the production of our crowdfunding pitch-video.

Ben Baumann for aiding us in applying for government funds.

Helping Hands

Thanks to...

Allyssa Hinkle and Dr. Michelle Gehringer for proof-reading.

Ute Walther for supporting our events and cleaning all the thousand flasks we used!

Dr. Markus Räschle for the help with our PR work.

Prof. Dr. Pielage for providing us fluorescence microscopes.

M. Sc. Anne Sexauer for helping us with screening and protein biochemistry.

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