Sci-Phi 29

TU Delft is proud to present this year's team. We are a very diverse and motivated group of students with different backgrounds and studies. Scroll down to get to know us!

Team Members


Hafsa Akaouche

Sponsoring Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Hafsa Akaouche and I am this year’s Sponsor Manager. I am a first year Nanobiology Master student. In the team my job is to make sure that money will not be an issue. To achieve this I reach out to companies, institutes and apply for funds. When I am not busy with iGEM I like to play games and read books.

Joel Clotet i Peretó

Communications & Human Practices Manager

Hi there! My name is Joel and I am this year’s Communications & Human Practices Manager. This means my job is to interact with different actors from society to create awareness of synthetic biology, and to integrate their inputs into our project. I am currently a LST MSc student at the TU Delft, and I did my BSc in Biotechnology in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I love metabolic engineering, science communication and talking about politics.


Osman Esen

Finance Manager

Hey hey! My name is Osman and I am currently doing my Master in Biomedical Engineering after having completed the Life Science and Technology Bachelor. I am this year’s Finance Manager and it is my job to keep track of all the finances. Besides being part of this awesome team, I’m also coaching eight talented girls at my rowing association. Sometimes, if you look very carefully to the river, you might spot me rowing on the water to clear my mind. Otherwise you will probably find me in a store buying new shoes.

Sagarika Govindaraju

Lab Manager

Hey! I’m Sagarika and I’m a student of the Life Science and Technology Master. I will be the Lab Manager of this year’s iGEM team. As the Lab Manager, I’m involved in designing the wet lab modules and maintaining the lab. The potential of synthetic biology fascinates me and I’m excited to work with my team on a great project.


Esther Hoogerwerf

Secretary & Collaborations Manager & Safety Officer

Hey there! My name is Esther Hoogerwerf and I am this year’s Collaborations Manager and Safety Officer. This means I get to talk to people and make sure we do not do anything illegal in the lab 😉. For me iGEM is part of my MSc Nanobiology at the Technical University of Delft. This is also where I did my BSc Nanobiology. I see iGEM as a unique opportunity to work in a team on a cool and relevant project. In my free time you can find me hanging out with my family or friends, reading thrillers or playing games.

Weronika Hoska van Aken

Data Manager

Hello! I am Weronika and I am in my first year of the Master Nanobiology. In iGEM I will be the Data Manager, meaning I will be the bridge between the wet and dry lab. The generated data of the wet lab will be used for modeling in the dry lab and vice versa by testing the results of the modelling in the wet lab to see if the modeling is accurate. My specific tasks will be to collect the data and analyze it. Moreover, I will assure the quality of the generated data. In my free time I like to play handball and watch soccer.


Dennis Kenbeek

Modeling Manager

Hi there! My name is Dennis Kenbeek and I am currently doing my Bachelor Nanobiology. I am interested in how computational methods can be used to solve problems in biology. It therefore excites me to fulfill the task of Modeling Manager this year, together with the dry lab team we will develop a mathematical model to help the team in the wet lab. When I’m not busy with iGEM, I am probably home-brewing.

Huyen My Nguyen

Wiki Manager & Team Captain from August

Hi all! My name is Huyen My and I am an MSc Biomedical Engineering student with a Life Science and Technology bachelor degree. This year I decided to take on a challenge, thus I started to learn HTML to be responsible for our wiki page. Furthermore, you can find me at the wet lab, sponsoring or communication team if I am not behind the keyboard. iGEM provides a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in science and to develop myself in many different areas.


Marco Valentim Becker

Science Manager

Hello! My name is Marco and I am from Brazil. As the Science Manager, I am responsible for organizing the project design and dividing the project into modules. I’m really passionate about discussing possible directions with the team and finding solutions to scientific problems together! I’ll be working in both the wet lab and dry lab and keep an overview on both of them. If not in the office or the lab I am probably obsessing over iGEM somewhere else.

Renée van der Winden

Team Captain until August

Hi everyone! My name is Renée van der Winden and I am currently doing my Master in Nanobiology after having completed the Nanobiology Bachelor. I am this year’s Team Captain and it is my job to make sure everything gets done that needs to be done. Of course, I also make sure everyone’s spirits are up, so we can keep working hard as a team! I am really passionate about iGEM and cannot wait to see what we will achieve as a team. When I manage to tear myself away from iGEM for a moment, I like to read or play board games. You can also always call me to help assemble your IKEA furniture.




Timon Idema

Associate Professor

Christophe Danelon

Associate Professor

Zoë Robaey

Assistant Professor

David Foschepoth


Elisa Godino

PhD candidate

Britte Bouchaut

PhD candidate

Charlotte Koster

PhD candidate

Esengül Yildirim