Sci-Phi 29

Bronze Requirements

We have met all bronze criteria, which lays a strong foundation for our project!

Bronze Medal

  • Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance

    Our registration as a team has been accepted on 25/3/2019 and of course you will be able to find us at the Giant Jamboree!

  • Competition Deliverables
    • Wiki
      Visit our Home Page to get the most out of our wiki!
    • Come and visit our Poster! (Zone 2 - 150)
    • Enjoy our Presentation on Sunday November 3rd (5.30pm - room:311)
    • Judging Form
      Find out all about our project and the prizes we applied for in our Judging Form!

  • Attributions
    Find out how our team members participated in our project. But of course we could not develop this platform alone. We are grateful, and happy to show every single person who has contributed to our project.

  • Project Inspiration and Description
    Check here to see what our project is all about and what we can do with it!

  • Characterization/Contribution
    We characterised BBa_I746909 in vitro, by using the PURE system.

Silver Requirements

Besides bronze we have also completed all requirements for the silver medal!

Silver Medal

Gold Requirements

Here is where we proudly show you the gold medal requirements we fulfilled!

Gold Medal

  • Integrated Human Practices
    Check here how our project has been shaped by the input of the many different experts we communicated with.

  • Model Your Project
    With our modeling, we applied a control systems approach to achieve stability of gene expression across bacterial species.

  • Demonstration of Your Work
    We are very proud to show you that we have achieved successful replication using our construct and controllable expression!