Sci-Phi 29

This page is dedicated to everyone who helped us and believed in our project. During our project we have received a lot of advice and support from our supervisors, stakeholders, sponsors and specialists. While all of the practical work has been performed by our team, our project would not have been possible without all of these people. We also have a special page for all our sponsors, who helped us financially to achieve our goals.

Table 1: Team Member attributions
Name Manager Role Involved in
Hafsa Akaouche Sponsoring Orthogonal Replication
Joel Clotet i Peretó Human Practices
Osman Esen Finance Sponsoring, Codon Harmonization & Human Practices
Sagarika Govindaraju Lab Transferable and Controllable Expression, Human Practices & Presentation
Esther Hoogerwerf Safety, Collaboration & Secretary Orthogonal Replication, Human Practices & Presentation
Weronika Hoska van Aken Data Orthogonal Replication & Wiki
Dennis Kenbeek Modeling Collaboration, Transferable and Controllable Expression & Codon Harmonization
Mu-En Lu Global Meeting Point
Huyen My Nguyen Wiki and Team Captain since August Sponsoring & Orthogonal Replication
Marco Valentim Becker Science Transferable and Controllable Expression & Modeling
Renée van der Winden Team Captain until August Sponsoring

  • Principal Investigators

    Dr. Timon Idema
    Dr. Christophe Danelon

  • Supervisors

    Dr. Zoë Robaey
    Dr. David Foschepoth
    Britte Bouchaut
    Elisa Godino
    Charlotte Koster
    Esengül Yildirim

  • General Support

    BN Secretaries
    For helping with booking rooms for our endless meetings, sending packages and, of course, for giving us our iGEM coffee card.

    Lenny Bakker
    For coaching us during the media training at TU Delft and for giving feedback on important publications.

    Mark van Pappelendam, Jasper van Heusde and Diana Traub-Stacey
    For helping us staying on track with our finances.

  • Wet Lab Support

    Susanne Hage
    For helping with the lab equipment and safety evaluations.

    Jan Wignand and Anke Amweg Welter
    For always providing us with autoclaved materials and for bringing a lot of our packages.

    Dr. Cristóbal Almendros Romero and Sebastian Kieper
    For familiarizing us how to use the electroporation machine.

    Dr. David Foschepoth
    For developing a mass spectrometry method for the phi29 proteins and confirming that the phi29 proteins are produced.

    Elisa Godino
    For familiarizing us with conducting IVTT experiments.

    Duco Blanken
    For familiarizing us with IVTT kinetics.

    Dr. Zhanar Abil and Diederik Laman Trip
    For helping us doing our Flow Cytometry experiments.

    Ana Restrepo
    For helping us with our in vitro replication experiments.

  • Dry Lab Support

    Anne Doerr
    For giving us tips and feedback on our initial model.

  • Human Practices Support

    Korienke Smit (RIVM)
    For giving us inside and feedback on our safe-by-design infographic.

    Everyone who filled in our survey
    Thereby gave us a good view on the impact of our project.

    Ines Kaal
    For being our contact person for our blog on

    International Student Chaplaincy
    For collaboration on hosting the Global Meeting Point.

    Marijn van der Brink
    For being our co-presentator at the Boerhaave museum.

  • Integrated Human Practices

    Marjolein Engels
    For giving us valuable feedback on the nature of microplastics and the currently existing methods to retrieve them from the environment.

    Prof. Neelke Doorn
    For giving us insights in the ethical issues around the valorisation of wastewater.

    Paul Roeleveld
    For sharing his knowledge about how microplastics are filtered out of the water.

  • Scientific Support

    Cécile van der Vlugt-Bergmans (RIVM)
    For giving us insights about the potential environmental impact of our project (self-replicating plasmids).

    Dr. Jean-Marc Daran
    For telling us about the need for a tool to characterize genes and pointing out the challenges we may face with our design.

    Prof. Pascale Daran-Lapujade
    For informing us about copy number control.

    Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht
    For telling us about microbes worthy of research and the possible environmental impact of our project.

    Dr. Bertus Beaumont
    For providing us with new insights about directed evolution.

    Prof. Jack Pronk
    For informing us that different bacterial species have a different codon usage and how important it is to have control over expression.

    Dr. Aljoscha Wahl
    For giving insight into the modeling and for providing us with names of possible stakeholders.

    Dr. Duncan McMillan
    For telling us about broad-host-range plasmids and inspiring us to collaborate with labs to prove our system.

    Dr. Megan Palmer
    For pointing out possible problems with surveys and suggesting more effective ways of contacting people.

    Prof. Chang Liu
    For telling us about the problems with phi29 and giving us possible alternative directions.

    Dr. Sara Mitri
    For discussing with us how our product can help her research.

    Prof. Richard van Kranenburg
    For telling us about the challenges in the bioprocess industry, pointing out the problems we may encounter, and suggesting to check the Standard European Vector Architecture (SEVA) platform.

    Dr. Terry Hazen
    For telling us about interesting enzymes to put on our plasmid and suggesting possible applications of our project.

    Dr. Julian Willis
    For giving us his expert opinion on the replication machinery of the Φ29 bacteriophage.

    Prof. Roel Bovenberg, Prof. Henk Noorman, Dr. Marcus Remmers, Dr. Hans Roubos and Wim Klop
    For giving us a chance to present our project to DSM at TU Delft and giving feedback on applications and safety.

    Prof. Daniel Gibson and SGI-DNA
    For providing us with the Vibrio natriegens (Vmax) strain and plasmid.

    Dr. Cristóbal Almendros Romero
    For providing us with P. putida.

  • Fundraising Help and Advice

    Dr. Stefania Usai
    For helping us make our story clearer for the general public and advising us on how to approach companies.

  • Other

    Sunnie van de Werken
    For taking pictures of us.

    Charlotte Koster
    For taking pictures during the Foldscope event.

    Dr. Michele Laureni and Ad Bergkamp
    For giving a talk about microscopes and the microbial world at the Foldscope event.

    Olga Kleijn
    For allowing us to enjoy our Foldscope event at the science centre.

    Lonneke Velds
    For promoting our Foldscope event