Sci-Phi 29

Engineering organism-specific parts and utilizing existing parts across different species is extremely laborious and expensive

which restricts the scope of synthetic biology to a small subset of the bacterial cosmos.

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Sci-Phi 29


We developed Sci-Phi 29, a platform that expands the scope of synthetic biology by providing essential tools required to engineer a repertoire of bacterial species.

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How does Sci-Phi 29 work?

Different Bacteria
Different Bacteria

Sci-Phi 29

A user-friendly platform that allows engineering your bacteria of choice through:

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To express genetic tools across multiple bacterial species, we were inspired by the replication machinery of the phi29 bacteriophage. Its unique protein-primed based replication greatly simplifies the design of replication systems. This system is able to replicate a linear piece of DNA by using only four proteins.

Orthogonal Replication System

Find more about how we applied this unique system in our project!

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To tackle the issue of variation in expression across bacterial species, we applied control systems thinking to achieve controllability.

We included the following variables in our model and experiments:

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Sci-Phi 29 applications

To envision a future where our Sci-Phi 29 platform can be used to tackle a real world problem, we created a hypothetical use-case scenario. We theoretically applied Sci-Phi 29 to engineer P. putida to be able to convert microplastics from waste water streams.

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Explore the microbial world with us!

We as a team are fascinated by this microbial diversity and wanted to share our fascination with the rest of the world. That is why our goal was to introduce the hidden world of microbes to the general public, from children to your neighbor to your teacher. We organized multiple events because we wanted to make sure that everyone has access to the invisible microbial world.

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