We are very honored to have found so many great sponsors for the iGEM Competition 2019, who support us either financially, materially or act as consultants and thus enable us to participate in this year's iGEM Competition.

For this we would like to thank every single sponsor once again!

Promega Corporation
Promega Corporation: Many thanks to Promega Corporation and Mrs. Ritz. Many thanks for the material support with enzymes and kits, the detailed answers and explanations and of course the personal meeting.
Analytic Jena
Analytik Jena: Only with the support of Analytik Jena and the opportunity to use the RT qPCR-Tower it was possible for us to develop a quantification method for specific tRNAs, an important aspect of our overall project. Special thanks to Mr. Ludwig and Mrs. Schöffler!
SYMBIOSIS GmbH: What would lab work be without the support of Symbiosis? With their material support, they enabled us to work on several projects at the same time and to proceed in our project faster and more effectively. We thank Mrs. Sartorius-Neef for the very informative and instructive meeting and her support.
Simplebiotech GmbH: No matter how well a laboratory may be equipped, nothing works without the necessary enzymes. We thank Simplebiotech GmbH and Mr. Bernhard Geltinger for the imaginative e-mail conversations and support!
GENAXXON: With the material support of GENAXXON bioscience Mr. Tröndle enabled us to carry out our RT-qPCR analysis. Many thanks for this! We would also like to thank Mr. Tröndle for the exciting and very informative meeting and the many helpful tips.
DWK Life Sciences
DWK Life Sciences: The DWK Life Sciences made it possible to carry out our experiments. Thanks to their kind donation we do no longer suffer from a shortage of glassware. Thank you very much for your fast and generous support.
SCIENCE SERVICE GmbH: Many thanks to SCIENCE SERVICE GmbH for the support of our iGEM team. Thanks to you very small things become big and we can enjoy a further equipped laboratory!
Dispendix GmbH: To compete against an automatic liquid-handling system is no fun - that's why we leave it to him and enjoy the time we geined! Many thanks to Mr. Böltz for letting us use the iDOT and for further support!
GERBU Biotechnik GmbH: Many thanks for the fast and great support of our team with fine chemicals and antibiotics.
GLYCON Biochemicals GmbH: Thank you very much for the commitment and sponsoring of our iGEM team with high-quality fine chemicals!
Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH: We thank Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH, especially Mrs. Raue, for the great support of this year's Stuttgart iGEM team! She enables us to perform uniformly at the Giant Jamboree in Boston, which we are very happy about!
Gene Bridges
Gene Bridges GmbH: Thank you very much for the exciting meeting, the suggestions and offers!
Eurofins: Eurofins enabled us to sequence our nuceleic acid samples by providing us free barcodes. Thanks for that!
Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart
Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart: We are very grateful to have the financial support of the Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart. Thanks to Mr. Baum for helping us out and standing up for our project! It is great to be sponsored by an organization from our town.
Menhard Mediendesign
Menhard Mediendesign: Thank you, Ingo Menhard, for creating the vector graphics for our teamweare.
Micro-Biolytics: Thank you so much for the invitation, we had a great time discussing our ideas and hearing your expertise. Of course also a huge thank you for your donation. It helped us to pay for materials and services that otherwise we would not been able to afford.
Genewiz: : Thank you, Genewiz, for providing us 50 free barcodes for the sequencing of our samples.
Shirtexpress: With the clothes supported by Shirtexpress, we are well equipped to represent iGEM Stuttgart at the Giant Jamboree. Thanks to the team of Shirtexpress, especially to Giulia Faccino, for the consulting and support for our teamweare.
Sarstedt: We´d like to thank Sarstedt for providing us lab equipment such as an automatic pipetting aid, pipette tips, culture dishes and falcon tubes.
Captain Workwear
Captain Workwear: For the second year now, Captain Workwear provided us with the basic requirement everyone needs in the lab: appropriate lab coats. Additionally, our lab coats were kindly personalized to our wishes, with names and our logo. For this great support we’d like to thank Stefan Engel and Captain Workwear.
SnapGene:The use of SnapGene was a great enrichment for our daily work in the lab, as this software provided us with powerful and intuitive tools, that simplified the experimental planning. The tools for primer-, plasmid design, cloning, PCR and agarose gels were a delight to use. We’d like to thank SnapGene for providing us with full license to use their software and especially Aline Glick.
White Corals
White Corals:Thank you for giving us our first tools and ingredients to start cultivation of micro algae in a self built 10 l reactor. It really pushed our project in to the right direction. We appreciate your support.
labfolder The use of an electronic notebook for our research during the iGEM competition allowed us to work freely and transparently in our group. The tools provided along the writing process allowed us to show a quick analysis of our data for further experiments. Electronic lab journals will certainly be the future of laboratory work and we are very pleased to have been able to use LabFolder during this competition.
SRCSB: With their donation, SRCSB enabled us to take part at the iGEM competition and the Giant Jamboree. Thank you very much for your kind donation!
Reinhold Breitlich Stiftung
Reinhold Breitlich Stiftung:Only with financial support we are able to travel to the United States to introduce our ambitious idea. Thank you very much for your donation in times where it was not clear if and how we are going to carry all the costs. Thank you!
INFORS HT: Hereby we want to thank Infors HT for providing us an incubator for the cultivation of our cells. In particular we’d like thank Mr. Feigel for his support and his ideas regarding our project.
Stuttgart Universität
Universität Stuttgart: We are thankful for the financial support by the University of Stuttgart!
New England Biolabs
New England Biolabs: We are thankful that NEB provided us free enzymes and buffers for our PCR and cloning experiments.
Dunn Labortechnik
Dunn: With their financial aid Dunn enabled us to present our project at the Giant Jamboree. For this support we’d like to thank you!
Carl Roth
Carl Roth HT: We’d like to thank Carl Roth for supporting us with RNase free lab equipment.
Zymo research:With the help of Zymo Research, we were able to take our first steps in the field of molecular biology in our projects. We were pleased to receive kits for the plasmid purification of bacteria, on which we are heavily dependent, as well as the RNA purification kit, which we later used to further advance our qPCR.
MAcherey Nagel
Macherey-Nagel: We’d like to thank Macherey-Nagel for supporting us with kits to isolate small size RNA!