Principle Investigators

apl. Prof. Dr. Martin Siemann-Herzberg
Many thanks to Prof. Siemann-Herzberg for founding, organizing and managing the iGEM Team of the University of Stuttgart. For the support, the wealth of knowledge you share with us, and the passion for our project.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Björn Voß
We want to thank Prof. Voß for being our second Principle Investigator. Thanks for helping us with every problem anytime we came to you and especially for your valuable input regarding RNA Quantification.


Martin Ziegler
Martin, we don't know where to start. Thank you for your all your commitment throughout the iGEM period! Thanks for staying late, always being positiv and encouraging us after setbacks. Especially the last days before the Wikifreeze wouldn't have been possible without you! We are looking forward to all the fun we'll have in Boston!

Erik Eppinger
Well, and Erik, same for you! Thank you so much! Thanks for helping out and giving advice anytime it was needed. We are very grateful to have you as an instructor! We loved to have you with us in Boston.

Other wonderful people who helped us

Prof. Dr. Arnd Heyer
We would like to thank Prof. Heyer for providing his HPLC system, which enabled us to determine the sugar composition of our algae medium.

Prof. Dr. Jörn Lausen
Many thanks to Prof. Lausen for providing materials and chemicals and donating lab equipment.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Takors
We want to thank Prof. Takors for his expertise and advice prior to the construction of the reactor and for providing the glass column that forms the core of the photobioreactor.

Dr. Josef Altenbuchner
Dr. Altenbuchner, thank you for sharing your knowledge regarding work with Vibrio natriegens and the use of two-plasmid systems.

Dr. Bettina Nestl
We want to thank Dr. Nestl for providing us the strain E. coli Rosetta.

Dr. Natalie Trachtmann
Many thanks to Dr. Trachtmann for providing us qPCR equipment and for all the help establishing our method.

Dr. Michael Schweikert
We would like to thank Dr Michael Schweikert for the helpful input. He has not only given us helpful information to start our own cultivation of C. vulgaris in a small bioreactor scale but also provided the contact to Prof. Dr. Ingrid Weiss which was indispensable for the later algae extraction.

Dr. Norbert Tröndle
Dr. Norbert Tröndle, we would like to thank you for your material support and the many suggestions in the area of our measurement, which have significantly contributed to the fact that we have been able to optimize our protocols.

Adrian Eilingsfeld
Thank you, Adrian, for helping us to construct the initial 10 liter photobioreactor and providing assistance with the 99€ bioreactor. (And for being our Instructor when everybody else was asleep). Tetraeder 🐱

Christopher Sarkizi Shams Hajian
We would like to thank Chris for the modelling of our photobioreactor and giving us an introduction in CFD.

Maria Aniolek
Thank you, Maria, for helping us to set up the HPLC for amino acid analysis.

Gabriele Kepp (Technical assistant)
Thanks a lot, Gabi, for helping us to develop the qPCR protocol and the last-minute support with restriction enzymes.

Andreas Freund
Andreas, we are very greatful for your help, advice and ideas regarding designing and building the photobioreactor.

Jan Müller
Thank you, Jan, for the supply of an established, sophisticated and experimentally validated model of bacterial protein expression. For detailed information see

René Inckemann
Many thanks to René Inckemann for the expertise with Vibrio natriegens and for the provision of plasmids with which we could start our experiments.

Andreas Wolf
We would like to thank Andreas Wolf for his great thoughts about our project and the possibility to measure our algae medium at Micro-Biolytics.

Vitor Verdelho
Many thanks to Mr Verdelho for the intersting input in microalgae cultivation and downstream processing.

Fraunhofer Instituts for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology
We thank the Fraunhofer Institute for providing us th microalgea Chlorella vulgaris and Chlorella sorokiniana.

Felix Wollman
We thank Mr. Felix Wollmann for his expertise in the field of algae cultivation and the supply of algae strains.

Bettina Neumann
We would like to thank Bettina Neumann and Dipl. Ing. Christine dos Santos Costa for the organisation of the school fair "Einstieg" and the opportunity to present ourselves there as iGEM-Team and to have direct conversations and discussions with especially young people.

Christine dos Santos Costa
We would like to thank Bettina Neumann and Dipl. Ing. Christine dos Santos Costa for the organisation of the school fair "Einstieg" and the opportunity to present ourselves there as iGEM-Team and to have direct conversations and discussions with especially young people.

Janosch Gröning
We thank Janosch Gröning for his help with harvesting chorella vulgaris.

Julia Reuter
Thank you, Julia Reuter, for the instruction on the beadmill for algae disintegration.

Collaborating iGEM Teams (Hamburg, TU Dresden, TU Darmstadt, Potsdam, Tübingen, Freiburg)
Thank you, guys, for your efforts to validate our PhyCoVi medium.

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Weiss
We want to thank Prof. Dr. Ingrid Weiss for providing us materials as well as the self constructed bead mill for algae extraction.