Team:Stuttgart/Composite Part


Composite Parts

The composite part of the Stuttgart team is a combined tRNA fragment containing all five rare tRNA genes.  For information on the individual tRNAs, please have a look at Basic Parts or Part collection. The tRNA genes are separated by Biobrick scars and flanked by Biobrick prefix and suffix. The implemented regulatory elements for the tRNA transcription are the rrnA P1 Promoter (from Vibrio natriegens1) and the rrnA terminator (derived from E. coliK12). With this operon, the transcription of the tRNAs should be proportional to the growth rate and adjust to the cellular levels of the remain protein synthesis machinery2.

Pos Name Type Description Designer Length
1 BBa_K3014012 Coding Vibrio natriegens tRNA construct Benedikt Schober, Jan Müller, Kai Schülke 915


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