Safety statement.


SMMU-China iGEM understands the potential risks and possible crises in a lab facility. We try to avoid some security problems and make sure that no personal or environmental harm occurs. With the goal, we think over problems in terms of personnel, experimental facilities and possible impact the project.

Human safety

All the student team members will be trained on safety rules before they enter the laboratory and start experiments. They must read through instruction manuals of regents, kits and apparatuses thoroughly to make sure proper use and knowledge of potential risks and corresponding handling methods. During the experiments, protection measures like gloves, lab coats are required. The teachers will also review the students' work in the lab.

Laboratory Safety

This year, our experiments were mainly focused on molecular cloning and in vitro cell experiments. These experiments were of low risks, and we required the students to strictly follow safety rules in our lab and college.

When operating lentiviral vector, we used commercial Lentiviral vector production kit in a biosafety class 2 cabinet, strictly following its protocols and procedures.

All the organisms must be sterilized before disposed.

Project safety

To enhance safety of our project, we plan to use inducible suicide genes to control the fate of the cells in our next-generation Wukong. In case adverse effects occurs, we could induce the cells to apoptosis.