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Basic Part
The detail of basic part.

Our favorite basic part - GEMS

This part is a highly generalizable synthetic receptor that has a wild sensing of input signals and effective activation of gene expression. As developed in 2015, this receptor still contains much possibility for transformation in synthetic biology. Our team determined to use this receptor, make some transformation as interest and give it a new mission in our nanobots WuKong.

Structure and mechanism of GEMS

GEMS is a dimer of two subunits, each was constructed by three domains, an extracellular domain as an anti-suntag scFv, a scaffold transmembrane domain derived from EpoR (erythropoietin receptor) and a FGFR1(fibroblast growth factor receptor 1) intracellular domain that induces MAPK pathway (Figure 1a). When the MAPK-GEMS recognizes the ligand, each receptor subunit will rotate around its own axis for about 100°, leads to an activation of transcription factor PIP-Elk which then modulate expression of reporter gene (Figure 1b).

Figure 1. the structure and mechanism of MAPK-GEMS receptor. a.Three domains that mainly constructed GEMS. b.Mechanism of MAPK-GEMS.

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Integrated information about GEMS posted on Demonstrate page, we also put the characterizations of GEMS on the Registry of Standard Biological Parts website, welcome to check part (BBa_K3132016) on its page.

Here we listed other basic parts we have constructed below.

Gal4-VP64 ZF43-8-VP64 ZF21-16-VP64 PIP-VP64 MinimalCMV
(BBa_K3132000) (BBa_K3132001) (BBa_K3132002) (BBa_K3132003) (BBa_K3132004)
anti-GC4N(suntag) scFv anti-flag scFv anti-IL-15 scFv anti-HER2 scFv NL domains through cytoplasmic
(BBa_K3132007) (BBa_K3132009) (BBa_K3132008) (BBa_K3132005) (BBa_K3132006)
STAT3 transcription factor pSTAT promoter PIP-Elk1 transcription factor PIP-Elk1 promoter 4×UAS CAR-IL-2-His tag
(BBa_K3132010) (BBa_K3132011) (BBa_K3132012) (BBa_K3132013) (BBa_K3132014) (BBa_K3132015)
human interleukine 15(IL-15) 8×suntag 8×flag synNotch-anti-HER2 Cetuximab scFv-CAR trastuzumab4D5-5 scFv-CAR
(BBa_K3132017) (BBa_K3132018) (BBa_K3132019) (BBa_K3132020) (BBa_K3132021) (BBa_K3132022)