A New Synthetic Core Ready
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In the ancient Chinese myth Journey to the West, there is such a powerful character, the Monkey King. At the very beginning, he is just a monkey made of stone, traveled everywhere, learned to many masters, and made lots of friends. After continuous learning and unremitting training, he finally got the ability to defeat the devil. At the same time, he got all kinds of weapons from his friends. Together with his ability, he become almost omnipotent. After our monkey king convert to buddhist, he started to escort his master Tang Xuanzang to the west, and got a new name, Sun Wukong. Although they suffer from countless demons, Wukong can always protect the team from danger.
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In the fairy tale, Wukong possesses immense power, his piercing eyes are able to recognize the evil. One of the main functions of our system Wukong is to recognize tumor cells, which is similar to the mythological figure’s sharp eyes.
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Golden cudgel is a powerful weapon of Wukong in the legend, while chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) is the approach of attacking in our system. And this weapon will be taken out only when it finds tumor cells.
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The third magic weapon of Wukong is his Somersault cloud, which aids him seek helpers when he confronted enemies that cannot eliminate by himself. This is similar to our cell’s ability to communicate with each other by secreting synthetic biomarkers.
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In the tale Journey to the West, Wukong protected his master from numerous monsters and finally made their way to the west. And we hope our system could provide patients with more protection in the fight of cancer and finally have a better outcome.
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