Working with others.

As an undergraduate team, we know that one tree cannot make a forest. So, we stay in close contact with other groups like BM-AMU, OUC-China.


Purpose of collaboration: Intimate partner & mentor

BM-AMU has been in close contact with our university because we have the same history and research direction. We have been in contact on the Internet and had deeper exchanges across the stage of Chongqing Meet up and Shenzhen CCiC. Our project focuses on a novel Engineered Theranostics, which is similar to their eukaryotic one. In addition, as the result of our twin-like background on medicine, our team and tutor experts often gives them some useful suggestions on human practices.

1. A deeper insight about the crosstalk between HPs and inspiration.

2. Skills of holding interviews.

3. Give us some advice on stakeholder analysis.

We exchanged our experience about iGEM and synthetic biology with OCU-China, and learnt a lot from them. OUC-China is a very powerful and independent team. they have formed a reasonable mechanism to select team members and determine their subject. This year, they shared this valuable experience with us, and gave us some guidance on team building and how to complete the subject in time. We are very grateful for their help.


What’s more, when we design our project, we find something related with the team, Fudan-TSI. So, we communicated deeply with them and got some experiment methods about synNotch receptor. And we got a plasmid form them and engineer it to composite our project.