Team:RDFZ-China/Collaborations 1



RDFZ-China is an active team in the iGEM community, willing to share ideas with other teams and collaborate with them by other means. We aim to create positive impacts in the iGEM community through collaboration.



We shared several experimental supplies including pSB4C5 and Gibson mix with BNDS_China. During the experimental stage, BNDS_China shared their Gibson Assembly reagent as a positive control with us, which made our experiment go faster, smoother and more convenient, setting a fundamental base for our experiments later on. We also have frequent communication with BNDS_China and exchange our thoughts during the whole project. We two teams discussed about the importance of education in biology towards future development of scientific area, and we also deeply considered about the impact of iGEM community in the whole society.



The team members of both teams have deep discussions on project designs. As we first met in the Northern area of China iGEM teams meet up, we found deep interests on each other’s projects. Therefore, we give advice to them on their toggle switch part for biosafety and discuss the effectiveness of integrase to replace the portion. After, teams still keep constant contact, and they shared backbone for us for experimental purposes.



Special thanks to UCAS-China as they kindly offered us three parts—BBa_K2598058,BBa_K2598059,BBa_K2598060—which respectively are coding sequence for rain, mint, lemon odorants. The three parts are included in our part summary, and details have confirmed to UCAS.