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Team Members Team Members

Katell Beillevaire
Katou knows how to take care of her team members : she is very caring and considerate to each one of us. She is a wonderful Scientific group captain and acquired very quickly the skills needed to do her job with dignity. Even when she is faced by a difficult moment she has a smile on her face and sees everything with a sense of humour. By doing this she creates a joyful atmosphere in the team, and we cannot forget to mention her incredible talent in patisserie!
Written by Louise

Louise Fougere
If I had to describe Louise in one word it would be workaholic. However she acts, for the most part, like the mother of all students in this team and cares of everyone; BUT : she can also destroy you in one well placed sentence ! thus we should respect AND fear her
Written by Alexandre

Karen Sobriel
Karen is smiley and cheerful. She has a feminist soul and she really had at heart to integrate the topic of Women in Sciences in our project. Full of humour and life, she loves telling stories, in which she usually loses track of what she was saying and we’re left on a cliffhanger…
Written by Louis

Marine Rousseau
Marine is a true influencer. Captain of the Human Practices group she made us into her fan club « The Mariners ». Everyone is more than okay with that because she is an excellent leader. Marine is talented, funny, an extremely hard worker and is ready to do anything for our team and for the advancement of our project. She is an example for all of us.
Written by Leïla

Lucie Gillet
Lucie start iGem Adventure in Nantes. She is always very excited and is in general a very energetic girl. If you want to be organised you must be in Lucie’s team. She prepares everything but she is always stressed. She is a perfectionist in everything she does and can teach you a Salsa dance to encourage the bacteria to grow.
Written by Katell

Nathalie Lhôtellier
Nathalie is our Human Practices superhero. On top of turning everything into art, her superpowers include lightening the room with her bubbly personality and always seeing the bright side of things. As a true superhero, she is always up for a challenge and you know you can count on her. She really found her spot as the co-leader of Human Practices as she is really empathic and loves the contact with people. She keeps the soul of our team alive and I love how we can easily talk to her about everything.
Written by Marine

Antoine Guyot
Antoine is the leader of iGEM Nantes Team. Since high school, he is passionate about the iGEM competition and that made him the expert of the iGEM website. He has a great sense of humor and is always ready to have fun, creating a friendly atmosphere in the lab and in the team in general. He is the man working in the shadows to make sure the gears of iGEM Nantes are turning smoothly.
Written by Lisa

Valentin Deves
Valentin is the main person who keeps a good vibe even when we were facing the most difficult times in our project. He is not afraid to invest himself fully and is always ready to spend time in scientific literature, sometimes into the late hours of the night. Valentin works without expecting anything in return and is a vital team member.
Written by Antoine

Mehdi Kheroufi
Mehdi is the perfect friend! After talking to him for only 10 minutes, you will discover his genuine kindness and humor. On top of his natural empathy for people, Mehdi is very active and never stops working and never gives up a chance to help someone out. He is a cornerstone in the project, without him we would not have the funding necessary to carry out our project.
Written by Valentin

Louis De Marguerye
Louis is an artist. He is creative, has a well-developed sense of aesthetics, and surely knows how to draw. So it only made sense that he would come up with a kick-ass idea for an escape game to promote our project! He even handcrafted some of the items thanks to wallpaper - how cool is that? I wouldn't trust him with a Bunsen burner though. He is a bit clumsy sometimes!
Written by Mathilde

Lisa Bourne
Lisa is a very joyful person and is always optimistic. She works very hard and is extremely curious. It is so nice to work with her! She really brings a good dynamic to the team and is always sharing random and interesting facts.
Written by Lucie

Leïla Zouane
Leïla is a very ambitious person and a wonderful person to hang out with! She has proven herself to be a natural leader and has a true passion for keeping the team together and making sure our project will be a success
Written by Mehdi

Alexandre Bonomo
Alexandre is the only master student in the group and this shows by his scientific experience and his beard. He has a very bright mind and always brings interesting debates to the table. His Italian roots also allows him to enlighten us on the correct pronunciation of the different names of pasta. On top of all this he is a wizard on the computer, doing some serious informatics that the majority of us don’t understand.
Written by Nathalie

Instructors Instructors

Emilie Camberlein
She is the first PI of team iGEM Nantes 2019. She is working as a teacher and researcher at the University of Nantes in the field of Molecular engineering. She is an amazing supervisor, always being available to help the team move forward while empowering us to solve our problems autonomously. The entire team is profoundly grateful to her for the chance she gave to us to participate in iGEM competition and for being so well guided in this adventure.

Laetitia Rolland
She is a teacher and researcher at the University of Nantes in the field of Immunology and Cancerology. In the iGEM competition, she is one of the main instructors as well as a really caring teacher; her help and support through the difficulties we met were particularly appreciated by the team. She definitely has a sensitive soul to the beauty of nature and is always attentive to the needs of students. She is the person to come to see in case of problem, she was always available if we needed her help.

Typhaine Violo
She is a PhD student at the University of Nantes laboratory, she is working on the production of synthetic amino acid and she has great knowledge about bioengineering and an amazing lab skills about almost all the lab work that we had to do. As the only advisor of our team she shared knowledge, tips and tricks with us, which saved our project on many occasions. Thyphaine supported us through the toughest times of our project and was always ready to answer any questions we might have had. She always pushed us to improve ourselves which is why we are grateful to her. Besides all of that, she is a funny and energetic smart woman.

Bernard Offmann
He is professor of Biochemistry and Structural Bioinformatics at the University of Nantes. As the secondary PI of our team, he is one of the people who allowed the creation of the first team iGEM Nantes. He is very dynamic and cheerful, engaged in a lot of projects and able to do everything at once. He is a deeply respected person in the laboratory and made sure we had a great start in the iGEM adventure, helping us administratively, motivating us and offering good ideas. He kept an eye on our progress and always supported us.

Thierry Dintinger
He is lecturer, researcher and Director of the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Nantes. Thierry is the kind of instructor who pushes the team towards excellence by asking us for rigorous work and by insisting on investing ourselves completely in the project. He allowed the team to regain energy and motivation in the moments we needed it most. Besides that, he is super cool and can fluently speak German and French as well as English!

Dorian McllRoy
He is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Nantes in the field of virology. He is one of the instructors of our team so he has always been here to answer to the team needs. He loves traveling and therefore he loves to make students travel by organizing exchanges. At the start of the competition, he worked hard to ensure that every participant in iGEM could go to Boston for the Giant Jamboree. Dorian is always smiling and cheerful, which cheers up the troops!

Vincent Gureghian
Let me introduce myself, I am a first year PhD student at the Life Science Research Unit (LSRU) at the University of Luxembourg. After having participated twice in iGEM, I joined the Mentorship Program to re-experience the atmosphere of scientific enthusiasm of the competition. And I did! It has been a great pleasure to meet the 2019 iGEM Nantes team. They are highly motivated and very well organized. They always stay combative when certain things do not go as expected and persevere until they succeed. Above all, they have an amazing team spirit and I greatly enjoy working with them!