Attributions Attributions

We began our project in October 2018 and we started brainstorming right away. We held weekly meetings with all our supervisors and instructors where we would present our ideas and the research the team had done on each idea. Our supervisors would take the time to dissect each idea, pointing out with experience, the weak and strong points of each idea and pointing out problems that we could not know of with our limited amount of knowledge. Thanks to this precious help we finally came up with our project in January 2019. The Scientific Pole then started the elaboration and planning of the lab work with the help of Dr. Emilie Camberlein and Ms. Typhaine Violo.

In terms of team organisation and understanding the goals of the iGEM team, this being the first time Nantes participates, we were helped by Mr. Hugo Boisaubert with team building. We had a few skype calls with Mr. Yanis Khenniche, a former iGEM participant from the Paris Evry 2017 iGEM team.

The UFIP laboratory provided us with our own lab room and the basic non consumable materials (benzen beak, fridge, …). We were also welcomed into the CRCINA laboratory where they gave us access to their fluorometer and a lab room.

Our lab work started as soon as possible, on April 3rd. In terms of lab work, all of the above was done by our team except for the following exceptions :

  • Towards the end of our lab work (Sept. 9th to Sept. 18th) our lab conventions no longer gave us access to the room where we could do our bacterial transformations and electrophoresis. During our last week we were helped by our supervisor Dr. Laëtitia Rolland-Gautreau who did the last bacterial transformation and the last two gel migrations.
  • When we no longer had access to our lab we still wanted to do measurements on three last spectrofluorometer plates. These were prepared by Dr. Laëtitia Rolland-Gautreau.

We would also like to thank Mr. Olivier Bruno from BMGLabtech who kindly loaned us the filters we needed in our spectrofluorometry measurements and made the trip to Nantes to show us how to use the Fluostar Spectrophotometer.

We would like to give a huge thank you to our supervisors Dr. Emilie Camberlein, Dr. Laëtitia Rolland-Gautreau, Ms. Typhaine Violo and our mentor Mr. Vincent Gureghian for constantly being present for us, ready to advise us, answer our questions and help us out when we were stuck on a problem.

Moreover, this project would not possible without Guy Aidelberg, the authors of our key article. We are grateful for his help and for welcoming us in Paris.

All throughout the year our oral presentations were tweaked based on the feed-back from the audience and from our supervisors, instructors and advisors.

We were also greatly helped by our mentor Mr.Vincent Gureghian in organizing ourselves to fill out our medal criteria goals and also preparing for the Giant Jamboree. We also met with Mr. Jordan Hartunians to get advice on our oral presentation and our poster for the Giant Jamboree.

We are also very thankful to Mr. Vincent Gureghian for helping us in the organisation and the comprehension of the wiki.

When it comes to fundraising our Entrepreneurial Pole were very efficient in reaching out to local sponsors and presenting showcasing our project in different private and public domains. La Fondation from the Nantes University helped us create our crowdfunding page and designed and printed out flyers to help us get the news out.

The student association LabSciren generously opened up a bank account for us knowing that we, not being a student association, couldn’t do so by ourselves. Our mentor, Vincent also gave us advice on the most strategic plans for fundraising.

Our two main Education and Public Engagement events would not have been possible without the help of La Fondation who opened their doors to host our art exposition and the SFR situated at the Faculty of Science at the University of Nantes who loaned us a room and some of the equipment necessary for our Escape Game.

And finally we would like to give a big thanks to Paul - Marie Djekinnou who contributed a lot of time and effort in designing and coding for our wiki!

Individuals Attributions Individuals Attributions

Louise found the idea of our project and was constantly doing research in Scientific literature to improve our project. A very active member in the lab, she was comfortable with all lab techniques we used and managed the lab work and lab materials. She also frequently represented our team for our project presentations and was a key player during the analysis of our experiments.

Alexandre was in charge of developing our project’s model. He was also the one we would turn to for all statistical tests for our scientific project but also for our study of the Position do Women in Science. He was also regularly involved in public presentations of our project.

Antoine being team leader, managed the cohesion of the team being the direct intermediary between all poles but also between the team and our mentor. He was very active in doing research for our project, managing the lab and analyzing our results. He was in charge to make sure all deadlines were met and that our project fit all the required medal criteria. He was also regularly involved in public presentations of our project.

Marine managed and supervised the Human Practices Pole as captain. She was in charge of preparing all video content for our project and coordinating the public events in which we presented our project. She was a main actor in the development of our Human Practices projects “Escape Game”, “Study of Women in Science” and applications of our tool while supervising the creation of the wiki. She was also regularly involved in public presentations of our project.

Valentin: member of the Scientific Pole, he was a main actor in the research and design of our project. He designed our different parts and also participated in the lab work. He spend a long time making bibliograhy and thinking of a regularotary system for our model but this work coule never be applyed on our construits because of the results not really matching expected ones.

Katell: captain of the Scientific Pole, managed the organisation of lab work and the lab. She was one of the minds behind the elaboration of protocols and would make sure everyone was up to date on the lab work and experimental techniques. She was a very active member in the analysis of our results. She would also constantly resupply us with delicious pastries she had made herself.

Mehdi is the captain of the Entrepreneurial Pole and was very active during the brainstorming period of pour projet, constantly bringing new ideas to the table. He elaborated the provisional budget of the team, our business plan and carried out the requests for funding. He organized our trip to Boston and did research on intellectual property. He frequently represented our team in public speeches and played a key part in lab work.

Leila was very present in brainstorming for our project. Member of the Entrepreneurial Pole she participated in the search of fundings, search of sponsors, the elaboration of the business plan and the organisation, our total budget and our trip to Boston. She also participated in our integrated Human Practices projects.

Louis participated in the creation of our logos and was an active member in the Human Practices Pole participating in our “Study of Women in Hard Sciences”, creating visual content for our media, coordinating our Escape Game and doing research for our Integrated Human Practices.

Karen was an active member in our “Study of Women in Science” and wrote a dissertation on this subject. She participated in the management of our social media and in the preparations for the art exposition.

Lucie was a strong player in the Scientific Pole doing a lot of research for our project and our protocols, she participated in the Organisation do the lab and also in the search for funds. She also participated in the preparations for our Art exposition and the analysis of our results.

Lisa was one of our most multi-task members. She was an active member in the lab research and lab work but also was in charge of mission orders for our trips and participated in the search of funds. She participated in the organisation of the Art exposition, the organisation of our escape game and our collaborations. She was also regularly involved in public presentations of our project.

Nathalie was the main illustrator of the team, designing the logos, making content for social media and designing the poster and the wiki. She organized the Art exposition and participated in the “Study of Women in Science” and the “Escape Game”. She was an active member in the lab and was also regularly involved in public presentations of our project.

Paul - Marie is not an official member of our team, but to us he is! He has done an amazing job in coding and designing the wiki, without him we would be lost.