Medals Medals


Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance: We successfully registered for the iGEM competition on the 2019-04-03. After some really intense months of work we have the pleasure to send 13 team members our PI and one of our advisors to the Giant Jamboree.

Competition Deliverables: We have already met all the different deadlines to deliver the judging form and the wiki in time. We now can’t wait to the present our project through the poster and the oral presentation at the Giant Jamboree.

Attributions: All the attributions are available on a dedicated page of our wiki

Project Inspiration and Description: To follow our reflexion and how everything began please visit the description page

Characterization / Contribution: We choose to provide experimental characterization data for the LacI promoter BBa_R0010


Validated Part / Validated Contribution: We designed a new regulated promoter inducible with ribose, pRbsD BBa_K2991002. This part allow you to induce your gene of interest expression following the hierarchy of sugar consumption in E.coli. This promoter only reach its full potential after all higher hierarchy ranked sugar are consumed.

Collaboration: We hosted a really original artistic meet-up where artists and 7 iGEM teams from all around the world sent us artwork about synthetic biology.
We were in close contact with the team iGEM Grenoble as our projects fits perfectly for each other. They developed a new nanodrop technology that needs testing, and we had experiments that needed to be tested. So we came together to push our projects even further, together.
We participated in the translation of 2 different books organized by UNAMBG and Washington.
We also participated in meetups and challenges on social media. For more information you can go to our page.

Human Practices : We engaged with the public in various ways with the aim of reaching a very wide audience. We spoke about our projects in conferences and always presented iGEM and our project with creative and interactive visual support. We organized and took part in many events to engage with the people in our community. One of the highlights of rhe events we organized was an escape game we created on the theme of synthetic biology, iGEM and our project Bio’Clock. To read more about Human Practices, please visit our page.


Integrated Human practices: Our project began when we discovered, through our grandparents, the risk of polymedication : medication errors. Our project was shaped by the advice of healthcare professionals, engineers and scientists. To learn more about the impact of the public on our project, please read our page.

Improve a previous Part /project : BBa_I13453 --> BBa_K2991004
BBa_K206000 --> BBa_K2991005

Model your project: Our model simplifies the complex mechanism behind the sugar consumption hierarchy in E.coli to a basic enzymatic competitive inhibition model. With sufficient data, this model would be used as a prediction tool for the amount of sugar to be added to have the wanted gene expression in time by means of the Bio’Clock. To read in more detail you can visit our page.

Demonstration of your work: You can visit our page for more details.