Team:Nanjing High School


A traditional way of working

"996 work system" is a symbol of China's "Overtime Culture", which means going to work at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and working until 9:00 p.m. in the evening for 6 days a week. However, this work system severely damage people's physical and mental health, because too much time working in front of electronic devices which emit blue light can be very harmful.

A new way to improve

Our project is a public welfare project about blue Light monitoring. The core of the project is an engineered Escherichia coli with light-catch system (the expression of optically controlled inhibitory protein, thus regulating the probability of cas1-cas2 capturing fragments). The time of exposure to Light of Escherichia coli is determined by PCR. In the follow-up promotion, we will make such microorganisms into an ornament to wear on people. After a certain period of time, the samples are returned to the lab, where the length of the Escherichia coli growth is read to infer how long the blue light was exposed.

A hope of solving the problem

Our hope is that people will be able to get the exact amount of harmful blue light they receive, and then take proactive precautions to minimize their exposure.Such a field application of engineered Escherichia coli is expected in the future. In the near future, it may be integrated into various smart wearable devices, such as AppleWatch or Google glasses, to remind people to stay away from harmful blue light through real-time data. Even if you inevitably need to be exposed to blue light during working hours, you can wear all kinds of anti-blue light devices. After work, you can put down all kinds of electronic devices and spend more time with your family.