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Funding helps turn an idea into a reality. Without help from our sponsors, we would not have been able to conduct our research to the same extent. We are grateful for the support we have received this year from our sponsors - thank you for making this research journey possible.


Unionen connects all employees in the private sector. Region Öst supports you who works in Östergötland, Tranås, Katrineholm, Flen or Vingåker.


Cenova joins students at Linköping University in research project on treating wound infection. During 2019 Cenova will join the LiU iGEM project on how to treat wound infections with antimicrobial agents in order to prevent antibiotic resistance. Cenova works close to many research entities in Sweden and joining the LiU iGEM project fits Cenova well. The project will focus on preventing wound infections by using antimicrobial agents. The increase of antibiotic resistance is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. By using antimicrobial agents antibiotics can either be replaced or be used to a lesser extent with a bandage that is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. LiU iGEM's goal is to create an antimicrobial bandage that aims to reach many of WHO's Sustainable Development goals in order to ensure good health and environment for future generations.


LabTeamet sells laboratory equipment, consumables, and services for laboratory instruments. The main focus is happy clients and we are always working so that you as a client to LabTeamet always gets the best products, services and support. In our assortment there is centrifuges, ultra centrifuges, laboratory fridges and freezers, spark-free, medicine fridges, low-temperature freezers, freeze racks, cyro boxes, freeze dryers, water baths, cooling/heating-circulators, incubators, CO2-incubators, heating cabinets, magnetic stirrers, heating blocks, shakers and more. We have a sale, support/service organisation that is close to you, we cover all of Sweden since it is important to us to always be able to be where we are needed. For a detailed overwiev of our products, see our home page Feel free to contact us at , phone: +4642-3009130 Welcome to LabTeamet.


CASLO ApS is a Danish company specialized in customer designed synthetic peptides at very competitive prices. Peptides are extensively quality controlled, and always delivered together with certificates of analysis, mass spectrometry certificates and HPLC certificates. CASLO offer a large range of modifications, like fluorochrome labelling, unnatural amino acids, modified amino acids, different conjugations etc. Peptides are delivered worldwide. For more information please visit their web page:

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