Team:Linkoping Sweden/Primers


Primers used by iGEM19 Linköping

Table 1. Primers used for all experiments conducted by iGEM19 Linköping.
Name Sequence (5'-3') Direction Use
Insert Forward atggtacgaattcgcggccgcttctagag Forward Amplification of inserts (Biobrick RFC10)
Insert Reverse gaagcatctgcagcggccgctactagta Reverse Amplification of inserts (Biobrick RFC10)
BamHI-F tcgactccagcatccggatcc Forward Amplification of fusion protein inserts
Vector Forward cggcatctctagaagcggccgcgaattc Forward Amplification of pSB1C3 (Biobrick RFC10)
Vector Reverse agtgcatactagtagcggccgctgcag Reverse Amplification of pSB1C3 (Biobrick RFC10)
CBD-F caaggacgttttgccaagaac Forward Colony screening / Sequencing
VF2 tgccacctgacgtctaagaa Forward Colony screening / Sequencing
VR attaccgcctttgagtgagc Reverse Colony screening / Sequencing
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