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Nordic iGEM Conference (NiC)

In May, our team attended the annual Nordic iGEM Conference (NiC), this year hosted by Copenhagen. This was a great opportunity to meet other nordic iGEM teams and establish contacts. The weekend in Copenhagen involved fun workshops and provided us with a taste of what the Giant Jamboree in Boston would feel like. All teams held a shorter presentation about their project ideas followed by a a poster session. Our team won the Judges Award for best project idea and received valuable feedback on how to improve our project.

iGEM Aalto-Helsinki

At NiC we became interested in team Aalto-Helsinki’s project that aims to improve the protein expression and secretion of the bacteria Vibrio natriegens (V. natriegens). Since our project strives to produce antimicrobial peptides and enzymes in a large scale we thought this was the perfect collaboration for us. Therefore, we had two skype meetings with Aalto-Helsinki during the summer to plan our collaboration.

During the first skype meeting we discussed the replication ability of different vectors in V. natriegens. Since one of our team members had significant experience working with V. natriegens we could provide Aalto-Helsinki with some advice regarding functional vectors for the bacteria. We also could assist them in the protein expression area where we discussed the importance of gas exchange.

After a couple of weeks when Aalto-Helsinki work was underway we had our second skype meeting. This time we discussed the working concentrations of antibiotics in V. natriegens as well as trading of biobricks. Therefore, they assisted us in verifying the function of three of our constructs: CBD-sfGFP, CBD-pCons-AsPink and CBD-Pln1. Unfortunately we could not reciprocate the favor since their biobricks did not reach us in time.

Translation of Children’s Book iGEM Bilkent UNAMBG

We collaborated with team Bilkent UNAMBG who had written a children’s book “Uma’s Adventures in Synthetic Biology”. We helped Bilkent UNAMBG to translate the book to Swedish making it possible for the message of the book, how synthetic biology can be used to improve our lives, to reach more people. Follow the link to read about Umay's synthetic biology adventures (in Swedish) Umays äventyr inom syntetisk biologi

iGEM Bulgaria

Our team was contacted by the Bulgarian iGEM team who, just like our team, has a project that revolves around antimicrobial peptides. We started a collaboration with team Bulgaria where we sent our sequences of the antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) LL37, Magainin 2 and Pln1. The hope for this collaboration was that they could test our AMPs on certain pathogens that they had access to.

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