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My Clothes' Plastic
Solving Water Contamination
One Wash at a Time!
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my Clothes' Plastic
The accumulation of microplastics has been one of the most serious environmental problems and the world is yet to establish any effective solution.
We, Team Kyoto, hereby suggest a completely brand-new approach!
Nowadays, microplastics can be found literally everywhere. As you may know, they come from wide-ranging kinds of sources.
But did you know that the simple process of doing your laundry could be one of them?
Have you ever imagined that a single laundry process could produce over 700,000 microfibers?
Furthermore, a new research has revealed that approximately 60 percent of microplastics that pass through wastewater treatment facilities are produced by washing clothes that are made of synthetic polymers.
With the application of synthetic biology, we have figured out an innovative way to prevent the release of microfibers into the natural environment.