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Grand Prize

Photo credit : iGEM Foundation - Justin Knight

Grand Prize Winner

Our team was announced as the Grand Prize Winner in the Overgrad category !


Best Environment Project

Best Integrated Human Practices


Best Part Collection

Best Presentation

Best Wiki


Gold Medal

Medal Requirements

Bronze Medal

Silver Medal

Gold Medal

  • Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance
  • Our team participated in the 2019 Giant Jamboree!

  • Competition Deliverables
  • We gave our presentation and showed our poster at the Jamboree

  • Attributions
  • We would like to thank all the people who helped us with our project.

  • Project inspiration and Description
  • Flavescence Dorée is a big problem in vineyards in Europe, the biggest issue at this point is the detection takes a long time.

  • Characterization/ contribution
  • Our project is mainly based on homemade cell-free system, OnePot PURE. We wanted to prove that the gene XylE (part Bba_I746909) could be successfully expressed in OnePot PURE. The expression of this gene creates the enzyme catechol 2,3-dioxygenase(CDO) which creates a yellow color by reacting with the substrate catechol .

  • Validated part
  • We created new parts, that are necessary to produce OnePot PURE

  • Collaboration
  • We collaborated with different teams such as Thessaly, UZurich, ETH Zurich and UniGE. We also participated in a few meetups across Europe.

  • Human practices
  • As an iGEM team we had the opportunity to teach high schoolers about synthetic biology. We also presented our project to the public during EPFL’s open doors and created a tutorial on how to make OnePot PURE.

  • Integrated Human practices
  • Integrated Human practices shaped our project. We worked with all the organizations involved in the detection of Flavescence Dorée.

  • Improve a Previous part/project

  • We improved the part sfGFP BBa_I746916 by adding toehold switches to it. This protein can be expressed only if the specific trigger mRNA is also present in the cell free system.

  • Demonstration of your work
  • We demonstrate how we managed to link each parts of the project, creating a proof or concept of our work.