Troubling the world for years, phytoplasma are a devastating type of bacteria causing irreparable damage to plants worldwide. Current diagnostic methods tend to be either very expensive (problematic in developing nations), slow (can take weeks), imprecise (high false positive rates), or a combination of all three, making it hard for farmers to detect phytoplasma-borne diseases in time.

We provide our own solution: ViTest, a rapid, field-deployable diagnostic test for two grapevine diseases currently plaguing European winegrowers, Flavescence Dorée and Bois Noir.This is an easy-to-use test that can be performed in under 2 hours, using no laboratory equipment and requiring no special training.
By using ViTest instead of expensive laboratory testing, farmers can more easily detect deadly plant diseases and save crop loss, all while using less pesticides and ensuring a sustainable future.

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