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Lab Overview
When it comes to scientific projects, biosafety and biosecurity always have to be taken into consideration. To guarantee safe lab work as well as the overall safety of the project, we ensured all safety regulations and protocols described on this page were used and sufficient biosafety mechanisms were in place.
Good scientific results have to be reproducible. Therefore, you can find all the protocols and enzymes we used during our project here.
Documentation is a crucial aspect of good laboratory practice. Besides, it is also very helpful if you would like to remember what you did last month or if you need to follow up on one of your teammates’ work. Find all our lab notes here.
Over the course of our project, we did many PCRs, Golden Gate Assemblies, colony PCRs, and a lot of sequencing. One of the most important things we needed for all these reactions are oligonucleotides. Here you can find a list of all our oligonucleotide sequences.