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HP Overview
We contacted more than 50 experts and stakeholders from more than 18 countries from all continents. Their contributions shaped our project into what it is now. Our project and possible future real-world applications aroused interests in farmers, mycologists and experts from the industry alike. We were able to improve biosafety and biosecurity aspects of our project. By doing so, we made sure our Troygenics cannot pose any harm to the environment or the consumer.
During our Education and Engagement, we learnt that communicating Science to people not necessarily interested in that area, we need to implement their interests into methods, materials and language. We implemented this in two exhibitions, specifically tailored to their target group: one for literature and one for natural history. Moreover, we recorded several podcasts and gave presentations utilizing these methods.
This year, we actively built networks with other iGEM teams by working together on various topics and issues. We also had the opportunity to mentor a new team and even created our own inter-lab study where we collected and analyzed measurement data with other iGEM teams.