Unige iGEM 2019


I'm Arnaud. I'm in my last year before the Master, so I'm not in a lab yet but soon I'll begin to work in the field of Virology within my future lab. I'm here to learn and reinforce my skills. Out of the university, I like to read some fantasy or SF books and doing some role-playing game with my friends.


~ Biologist ~

Hi there! I'm Artem. Currently I'm doing my master in chemical biology. I really enjoy designing interesting molecular systems and studying their behaviour. My hobbies are programming, painting and chess.


~ IT manager, chemical biologist ~

Hi everyone! I'm Bryan; a biology master student in Genetic and Ecology field. I work on the fact of using environmental DNA (eDNA) to study the conservation of endangered species in the Rhone river. I participate at the iGEM competition to live an incredible human and scientific experience. I love traveling, swimming, cooking but mainly watch Netflix (of course).


~ Team leader, biologist ~

I'm Irene, a biology master student currently trying to understand how the hell do cancer cells behave. I love tasks that make me challenge myself and think, that's why I joined the iGEM team. Apart from science; I like chilling in a sunny terrace with friends, and partying while drinking "calimocho".


~ Biologist~

My name is Valentina. I'm a bachelor student in biology so I don't work in the lab yet, but I will work in parasitology next year. I'm interested in microbiology. I'm curious and like to learn new things. I participate in iGEM2019 because I like to take up challenges. My hobbies are cooking, swimming and sometimes I do yoga to relax.


~ Biologist ~

Hey guys!!! I'm Ysaline, a biology master student. I study cell biology and work on muscle regeneration. My curious and adventurous nature is what drove me to participate in iGEM 2019. I love traveling, ice skating and the unicorns!


~ Biologist ~



Dr. Gregory Segala

~ Founder ~

Commercialization and Intellectual Property Supervisor. My interest in applied immunology has brought me to western Europe, where support for startups is promoting an ideal landscape for therapeutic innovation. www.linkedin.com/in/davidpejoski

Dr. David Pejoski

~ Entrepreneurship Supervisor. ~



~ Supervisor ~

A full Professor at Biochemical department of the University of Geneva.

Aurélien Roux

~ Professor ~

A full Professor at Department of Cell Biology University of Geneva.

Didier Picard

~ Professor ~

A Head of ACCESS Geneva.

Dimitri Moreau

~ Head of the chemical screen facility ~