Unige iGEM 2019


EPFL Mentorship

We were very lucky to collaborate with the EPFL team since the beginning of our project in February. In fact, the supervisor of the iGEM at EPFL, Prof. Sebastian Maerkl, had the kindness to advise us for the fundraising part. Then, in September when we were finally able to disclose information on our project, we went to spend a day at EPFL (September 28th, 2019). There, we presented our project and get the feedback of the EPFL team on how we could improve our presentation, our website, and human practices, and how we could fulfill the criteria of the judging form, the medals and the prizes. They gave us some valuable advice about all of these aspects for the iGEM competition, including that our presentation is too "academic" for the evaluation of our project in Boston. Finally, the collaboration with EPFL has been a great help for us since being the first team of the University of Geneva, we do not have the experience that EPFL has over time.