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CTCF-ERE-SYFP2 new basic part # Bba_K3101000

The estrogen receptor (ER) is a ligand-activated enhancer protein. ER binds to specific DNA sequences called estrogen response elements (EREs) with high affinity and transactivates gene expression in response to estradiol (E2).

To visualize the activity of this receptor by estrogen induction (fluorescence by activation of ER by E2), we used the bright yellow fluorescent protein : SYFP2, which is a GFP based monomeric protein with optimized folding, maturation and a narrow fluorescence emission spectrum with a maximum of 515 nm. This fluorescent probe can be used to study biological functions on fixed cells or tissues but also to make dynamic measurements on cells in culture or living organisms.

Name Type Description Length
Bba_K3101000 Reporter CTCF-ERE-SYFP2 1375 bp

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