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Team Breakdown:

Wet Lab Team

Catherine Ryan, Aidan Sweney, Huyen-Tram Nguyen, Ian Gutierrez, Jacob-Seyla Lon, Helen Pennington, Joshua Piatok, Sophia Terrill, Caroline Hall, Evan Baerg, Gabriel Ross, Julie Yoon, Max Allen, Zoha Ahmad, Michael Martin, Sarah Bortel

Wiki Tech Team

Kailey Cozart, Caroline Hall, Evan Baerg, Gabriel Ross, Jacob-Seyla Lon, Josh Paskett, Joshua Piatok, Sonika Nigam, Instructor: Akalpit Gadre

Human Practices Team

Huyen-Tram Nguyen, Aidan Sweney, Catherine Ryan, Helen Pennington, Julie Yoon, Michael Martin, Sarah Bortel, Zoha Ahmad

Presentation Team

Michael Martin, Caroline Hall, Catherine Ryan, Huyen-Tram Nguyen, Ian Gutierrez, Jacob-Seyla Lon, Julie Yoon, Michael Martin, Sarah Bortel, Sonika Nigam, Sophia Terrill, Zoha Ahmad

Design Team

Sarah Bortel, Max Allen, Sonika Nigam


Sarah Bortel (Actor, Writer, Singer, Editor, Co-Director), Helen Pennington (Actor, Writer, Singer, Co-Director), Max Allen (Writer), Catherine Ryan (Actor, Writer), Michael Martin (Actor), Aidan Sweney (Actor), Sonika Nigam (Actor), Judy Nguyen (Model, Muse, Heartbreaker), Jenna McKee-Johnson (Actor, Muse, Safety-Enforcer), Mobius Hirschberg (Muse, Dog), RAIN Incubator (Muse, 100°F (38°C), Building), Brendan Studebaker (Extra)


Judy Nguyen (PI), Jenna McKee-Johnson (PI), Akalpit Gadre (Instructor - Wiki)



We are very grateful to our sponsors who provided donations to make our project possible. We could not have done this without you! We are especially grateful to our sponsors who have repeatedly supported our team: Nuaire, Promega, IDT, NEB, and SnapGene.

Special thanks to...

David Hirschberg for creating RAIN, Rebekah Ryan for her business know-how and QuickBooks skills, the Molecular Research Core Facility at Idaho State University for sequencing our plasmid, Stanley Langevin (Orneon Health) for helping us troubleshoot cloning, Proteus Morrill for helping with the presentation team, Mandy Galuszka for supporting us in our education outreach, Matt Wiener for helping us with fundraising, Scott Conrad McCarthy (PI CelKem) for help with electroporation, Shah Afser Khan and Ryan Culbert for helping organize the agar art workshop, and American Society for Microbiology for sponsoring the Agar Art Competition.

Special Event Guest Speakers: Arun Mathews, Jennifer Skenfield, Albert McMurry, David Hirschberg, Stanley Langevin