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Eden's Wiki Style Guide


In order to plan your writing it’s good practice to write an outline first Try to follow a structure: Introduction: what am I writing about and why Problem 1 / Part 1 Problem 2 / Part 2 … Problem n / Part n Conclusion: what are the take-home messages, what did we learn You can share your outlines in Wiki/Content/Outlines


Avoid writing in the passive voice (not “x was made”, “we made x” instead) Talk in the 1st person plural, to reference the team, whenever possible Try using simple sentences - break down subcomponents of huge sentences into several smaller sentences Use the past tense by default Try to match the tenses of all verbs (not “we did x and are doing y”, “we did x and y” instead) Use the Vancouver citation style (use square brackets in-text)


Try to provide full-sized high-resolution pictures whenever possible Only use pictures you took yourself or under a Creative Commons license Always provide a legend to describe the picture


Always save raw data, either in excel format or .csv Always provide units and descriptions for the axis Always provide a legend for each graph

Your team has been approved and you are ready to start the iGEM season!

Welcome to iGEM 2019!

Your team has been approved and you are ready to start the iGEM season!

Before you start

Please read the following pages:

Styling your wiki

You may style this page as you like or you can simply leave the style as it is. You can easily keep the styling and edit the content of these default wiki pages with your project information and completely fulfill the requirement to document your project.

While you may not win Best Wiki with this styling, your team is still eligible for all other awards. This default wiki meets the requirements, it improves navigability and ease of use for visitors, and you should not feel it is necessary to style beyond what has been provided.

Uploading pictures and files

You must upload any pictures and files to the iGEM 2019 server. Remember to keep all your pictures and files within your team's namespace or at least include your team's name in the file name.

When you upload, set the "Destination Filename" to T--YourOfficialTeamName--NameOfFile.jpg. (If you don't do this, someone else might upload a different file with the same "Destination Filename", and your file would be erased!)

Wiki template information

We have created these wiki template pages to help you get started and to help you think about how your team will be evaluated. You can find a list of all the pages tied to awards here at the Pages for awards link. You must edit these pages to be evaluated for medals and awards, but ultimately the design, layout, style and all other elements of your team wiki is up to you!

Editing your wiki

On this page you can document your project, introduce your team members, document your progress and share your iGEM experience with the rest of the world!

Use WikiTools - Edit in the black menu bar to edit this page


This wiki will be your team’s first interaction with the rest of the world, so here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • State your accomplishments! Tell people what you have achieved from the start.
  • Be clear about what you are doing and how you plan to do this.
  • You have a global audience! Consider the different backgrounds that your users come from.
  • Make sure information is easy to find; nothing should be more than 3 clicks away.
  • Avoid using very small fonts and low contrast colors; information should be easy to read.
  • Start documenting your project as early as possible; don’t leave anything to the last minute before the Wiki Freeze. For a complete list of deadlines visit the iGEM 2019 calendar
  • Have lots of fun!


You can also view other team wikis for inspiration! Here are some examples: