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Development of PET Degradation Using Transgenic Escherichia Coli


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In the past 65 years (1950 to 2015) only 7% of the 83 billion tons of plastic have been recycled, and 50% have been dumped into the environment. The effort of reducing plastic in the environment is being made by various fields, however, due to the high cost of plastic treatment and its harmful side products, a breakthrough is yet to be made. In this project, we have established an improved PET degradation system. First, we utilized point mutations with enhanced PET degradation and implemented a light-inducible promoter to regulate the expression of PET-degrading enzymes more effectively. To increase the efficiency of the enzyme expression, we determined the best combination of some constitutive promoters and RBS. Not only that, we used a new signal peptide to increase the amount of secreted enzymes. From these results, we constructed a circulating incubator in which PET is degraded by transgenic E. coli.

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