Team:ITESO Guadalajara/Results


For the first phase: biomass production and CO2 capture, on based the 3A assembly strategy we achieved the first generation with 6 E. coli transformants (Term-OriT, RBS-rbcS, RBS-rbcX, RBS-rbcL, psbAI-RBS, pilA-CA) and the second generation with 3 transformants (RBS-rbcL-Term-OriT, RBS-rbsS-RBS-rbcX, psbAI-RBS-pilA-CA).

This images correspond to PCR results from all constructs that we designed. This confirms that the ligation with the 3A assembly strategy works but it was complicated continuo cloned into E. coli and the transformation in Synechococcus sp. because all plasmid ligated into selfs without the BioBrick part.