Team:ITESO Guadalajara/Attributions


Carrying out the project was no easy task! We want to thank all the people that supported and helped us along the way, without their useful aid, we wouldn’t be able to get this far, our achievements also belong to them!





Coding team

Stakeholders that participated in the documentary “From our Battlegrounds”

We want to thank the stakeholders for being brave and staring in front of the cameras to help us to find our way inside the immenseness of Climate Change, its main sources, how it manifests in our local environment and its effects on the availability of water resources.

Pablo Montaño

(Enviromental Activist)

Dr. Carlos Figueredo González

(Professor and reseacher at ITESO)

Javier Esteban Clausen Silva

(UN habitat advisor and professor
and researcher at ITESO)

Estefany López Murillo

(Jalisco’s Air Quality Management Director)

Daniela Chávez Estrada

(Councilwoman and president of the
Environment comitee of Tlaquepaque)

Sofia Enciso

(Environmental activist and member of
the collective “Un salto de Vida”)


(Temacapulin inhabitant and President
of the colective “Salvemos a
Temacapulín, Acasico y Palmarejo”)


We also want to thank the academics that helped us in the validation
of our project or with their knowledge in specialized fields, to either
improve our proposal of solution or to give us advise on how adjust
our design to fulfill the stakeholders needs.

Dr. Óscar Ariel Rojas Rejón (Professor and researcher at ITESO)

Doctor in Biotechnology Sciences with specialization in Bioprocess and Bioengineering

Dr. Luis David Rizo Decelis (Professor and researcher at ITESO)

Doctor in Sciences, Master’s degree in Research, Environmental Systems Modelling and
Environmental Risk Assessment

Dr. Hugo de Alba Martínez (Professor and researcher at ITESO)

Doctorate in Geography and Territory Ordinance at Guadalajara’s University, Master’s
degree in Geographic Information Sciences

Daniel de Obeso Partida (Professor and researcher at ITESO)

Master’s Degree in Polution Sciences and Environmental Control

Dr. Luis Edmundo Garrido Sánchez (Professor and researcher at ITESO)

Doctor in Biotechnology and Food Industries, former Director of the Center for
Innovation in Sciences and Technological Assistance of Jalisco (CIATEJ)

ITESO Students

We want to thank former team members and students that helped the team with different tasks

Christy Alejandra Alpuche Cabrera

Student of Political Sciences

Ana Lourdes Solano Magaña

Student of Engineering in Biotechnology

Sindy Citlali Sánchez Ponce

Student of Engineering in Nanotechnology, former team member

David Ismael Ochoa Vázquez

Student of Engineering in Biotechnology, former team member

Astrid Samara Vázquez de la Torre

Student of Engineering in Biotechnology, former team member

Luis Ángel Ortega Llamas

Student of Political Sciences, former team member

ITESO’s Biotechnology Laboratory Personel

We want to thank greatly to the laboratory staff that made sure that we always had the reactives, materials and spaces,
when we needed them and for checking our experimentation protocols.

Dr. Alejandro Arana Sánchez

Doctor Science and Technology in Biotechnological Productivity

Esteban Fabián de La Peña Rodríguez

Laboratory Technician

Wiki Coding Team – Colegio Salesiano Anahuac Garibaldi

We also want to thank hugely to the Wiki coding team that came when we were in the most of needs, without their help,
we wouldn’t be able to tell our story.

Rafael Gallardo Vazquez

High School Student

Mauricio Ledezma Tamez

High School Student

Juan Pablo Anguiano Suarez del Real

High School Student

Jacob Casillas Gomez

High School Student

Esteban Santiago Perez Gomez

High School Student

Aldo Campos Zazueta

High School Student

Oscar Emilio Martinez Valdez

High School Student

Diego Bernardo Gordillo Acosta

High School Student

Mauricio Enciso Hernandez

High School Student