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Here we present our collaborations, activities that we develop to help other teams and in pursuit of a better project design. The collaborations we carried out were fun for us, members of our team had never being in touch with people of so many countries in such a little period.

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SDG Challenge

In collaboration with the 2019 iGEM teams from iGEM Taipeiand iGEM Tübingen , we created a challenge related with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) proposed by the United Nations. The whole explanation is in our Human Practice.

A total of 74 teams participated in this hashtag challenge. Teams involved are listed bellow:


ASIJ_IGEM, ASIJ_Tokyo, Aachen, Aalto-Helsinki, Bioriidl_Somaiya, CCU iGEM, iGEM Calgary, Costa Rica, DTU-Denmark, FAU_Erlangen, Grenoble-Alpes, ICT-Mumbai, IGEM IISER Tirupati, IISER-Kolkata, IISER-Pune-India, IISc-Bangalore, Lund, MSP-MAASTRICHT, Manchester, iGEM Moscow, Northern BC iGEM, Northwestern, Nottingham iGEM, OhioState, Purdue iGEM, SNU_India, Sao_Carlos-Brazil, Stony Brook, Sydney_Australia, TAU_Israel, TU_Dresden, TU_Eindhoven, Tacoma_RAINmakers, Tartu TUIT, Team Hamburg, Team SDU-Denmark, Team Tuebingen, Thessaloniki, Thessaly, UAlberta, UC iGEM Team, UNSW_Australia, USP_SaoCarlos-Brazil, US_AFRL_CarrollHS, UiOslo iGEM, Wageningen_UR, iGEM Athens 2019, iGEM Chalmers- Gothenburg, iGEM Duesseldorf, iGEM Evry Paris-Saclay, iGEM IIT-Madras, iGEM Kaiserslautern, iGEM Marburg 2019, iGEM Memes, iGEM NCKU Tainan, iGEM NU Kazakhstan 2019, iGEM Strasbourg, iGEM Toronto, Igem_nawi_graz, iGEM-UANL, iGEM Copenhagen, iGEM Poitiers, iGEM at William and Mary, iGEM Elan Biotronics, iGEM exeter, iGEM Team USP BR, iGEM Lab Pats, iGEM TU Delft, iGEM Madrid, nchu igem, CU iGEM, Lambert, TAS_Taipei, iGEM_Tudy .

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iGEM UPNA’s project consists in creating a biosensor for heavy metals present in soil and water. They asked us to provide them a sample of a Costa Rican river to analyze it and determine the amount of metals available on it.

Therefore, we decided to take a sample of the Pirro River in Heredia city, Costa Rica. This river is one of the most polluted water effluents of Heredia. It carries waste waters from the upstream villages and it receive waters from mechanical workshops, agricultural activities and metallurgical industries, this affects the ecological balance in the biological systems of the stream.

We used a sterile bottle to take the sample of the first 20 cm of water without sediment. The sample was taken at the afternoon. Then, it was transported to the Microbial Biotechnology Lab in the UNA where it was passed through a paper filter and then through a nitrocellulose 0.2μm filter. Finally, we stored the sample in a labeled sterile amber bottle and provided to UPNA team who analysed it for the quantification of total heavy metal content.

Other Collaborations

iGEM Taipei : Part of the SDGs videoconference.

iGEM Stonybrook : We participated in the Instagram Challenge and the Labcoat Challenge.

iGEM Düsseldorf: We designed a postcard as part of the postcard project.

iGEM US AFRL Carroll HS: Our team received Mike the Microbe in our lab and gave feedback to their Wiki guide.

iGEM Strasbourg and iGEM UVA: Did their surveys.

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