Team:Austin UTexas/Safety


For every procedure performed, safe lab practices were upheld at all times. All iGEM team members were safety trained and received on-site training to gain familiarity with the lab. We were also shown the locations of the emergency shut-off valves, emergency eye-wash stations, emergency showers, fire extinguishers, etc. The appropriate waste disposal procedures were also followed. Graduate students and professors oversaw our safety and ensured we followed proper safety precautions to minimize any risks.

All lab members wore the following PPE :

  • Gloves
  • Lab coats
  • Safety glasses

We worked with lab-safe E. coli strains - K12/DH10B , TA563, TA566, TA567, TA568, TA430, TA476, TA516, TA520, TA527, and TA531. All strains are on the Whitelist and were provided by the Barrick Lab, which was obtained from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC).