Bacterial Fragrance Generator Linalool & Limonene Guardians for Your Sleep

Bacterial Fragrance Generator

Based on Selective Production of
Linalool & Limonene

Are you sleeping well?
Do you encounter frequent terrible situations of "difficult to get to sleep" and "difficult to wake up"?
Do you want to the cute little bacteria spontaneously produce fragrance at home for your sleep problem?

Nowadays an increasing number of people worldwide suffer from sleep-related problems because of work or study pressures, that is, poor sleep quality or even insomnia, and getting sleepy or distractions after waking up.

The fragrance of plants are shown to have excellent effects on solving sleep-related problems, among which linalool is reported to promote sound sleep with peaceful mind, and limonene refreshes people after waking up, to solve the terrible situations of "difficult to get to sleep" and "difficult to wake up".

The Synthesis of Linalool and Limonene

Isolation from plants directly --- Low yield and high cost

Chemical synthesis from isoprene or α-pinene

  • Many by-products makes it hard to separate
  • The fragrance smells bad
  • High pollutions

Biocatalysis from common sugars

  • Environmental friendly
  • Highly productive

Linalool and limonene can be produced by a single specific enzymatic reaction respectively, from an important intermediate in cells- geranyl diphosphate (GPP), which is generated from common sugars via the mevalonate (MVA) pathway.

In detail, the limonene synthase (CS) and linalool synthase (LS) are responsible for converting GPP to limonene and linalool respectively.

All in all, our project focuses on the selective production of two fragrance molecules limonene and linalool in the engineered E. coli, to solve the increasingly growing sleep-related problems, for a sound sleep and an exciting morning!