As it fades away:an arsenic treatment system in water

Arsenic (As), a metalloid, is known as a carcinogen, which affects the health of millions of people worldwide. Conventional treatments of arsenic are mostly ineffective and have some limits like high cost and secondary contamination. Bioremediation has been regarded as a novel and environmental-friendly way for As removal. In this project, we intend to develop genetically engineered bacteria for As treatment based on bioremediation by using synthetic biology approaches.We aim to build engineered bacteria which consists of mainly two parts: arsenic-responsive reporter system and a bioabsorbent system with two different types. One is a surface-displayed system for the overexpression of an arsenic-chelating metallothionein (fMT), and the other is a phytochelatin synthase (PCS) which can produce phytochelatin for the removal of arsenic in the cell.For the future, we expect we can establish a promising and economical method to solve the problem of As pollution.