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Integrated Human Practice

Ensuring that our project was viable and ethical was constantly at the forefront of our minds. Human practices influenced our lab work but also our public education, helping to round our project at every turn. We knew we wanted to provide a solution to fatbergs, and knew we wanted to use lipase activity using synthetic biology to create a novel bacterium to degrade fatbergs. However, we knew there were many considerations to take into account, from ensuring our project worked with public GMO policy, to making sure that drainage workers jobs were secure, we spoke to multiple spheres of society to understand that our biological solution had to be supported by preventing fatberg formation through public engagement and education.

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Integrated Human Practices European Union Report Tokyo-Paris Sewer Comparison UK Legislation Brainstorm with Advisors March Presentation May Meeting Dr. Tom Curran Sam Fox Dr. Ahmad Mannan Phase 1 Thames July Hydro August John Love Neena Gill Justin Phase 2 Newcastle iGEM South West Water Phase 3 Lanes for Drains Restaurant Interview Final Project


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