Dr Christophe Corre

Our teams lab supervisor. He gave us access to his lab when we needed it, helped us with shipping our parts, supported us in the develop of our ideas and found us contacts throughout the department.

Dr. Corinne Hanlon

Our teams supervisor. From safety forms to finance, she did it all. Dedicated a substantial amount of her time to us, made sure iGEM could exist. The fundamental pillar which Warwick iGEM relies on.

Geraldine Keene

Gave us lab space, helped introduce us to lab safety, let us use every piece of lab equipment: pipettes, nanodrops, incubators, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, everything.

Dr. Emzo De Los Santos

Helped guide our project, instrumental in the Bacillus plasmid design. Gave us advice on our presentation skills. Directed our project at meetings.

Audam Chhun

Our teams lab guru. Spent the entirety of iGEM supporting us and helping us with our project, both wet lab and dry lab, theory and practice

Patrick Capel

Our lab's pillar of support. Provided support, advice and help from day 1, running biology bootcamps with us and aiding our project from conception to completion.

Mallory Diggens

Our lab queen. Helped us learn proper techniques, plan experiments, understand data from project start to finish.

Dr Eleanor Jameson

Helped us with safety forms and provided us access to her contamination level 2 laboratory for our fatberg sample analysis and supported our research and findings

Robert Ramirez Garcia

Helped direct our meetings and provided direction for all areas of our project.

Alexander Darlington

Provided us with an introduction and bootcamp to scientific and biological modelling. Provided support and helped us with our model

Charlotte Gruender

Provided direction at our meetings, gave feedback to our presentations and helped our public outreach and human practise ideas to progress

Valentin Waschulin

Provided us with the Oxford Nanopore minION for demonstration at our public outreach events and guided us throughout our wet lab project

Nazia Auckloo

Provided guidance, direction and equipment during cloning experiments.

Rohini Ajaykumar

Provided help and support during our cloning experiments as well as direction for the project.

Jack Lawrence

Provided so much support on every level with iGEM from parts registry to wiki coding.

Dr. John McCarthy

As the head of WISB, provided valuable feedback on our presentation and project as a whole

Dr. Robert Spooner

Gave us key insights on our presentation and raised scientific technicalities.

Special Thanks

Dr Justin Pachebat for sharing his sample of fatberg DNA extracted from the Whitechapel Fatberg at Aberystwyth University.

Dr Samuel Fox for providing a sample of fatberg from Liverpool at United Utilities.

Dr Tom Curran for his insights in fatberg research and prevention at University College Dublin.

Connah Jonhson for providing crucial guidance on the modelling.

Kalesh Sasidharan of Humane Technologies who provided us his MicrobeMeter to study the growth effects of bacteria in samples of oil.

Gurprit Jandu for helping us design and code our wiki page.

Michael Soreanu for helping us bring our wiki page to life.

Dr Ahmad Mannan for his insight and support in modelling.

Neena Gill for her insight into our integrated human practice.

Professor John Love for his insight and support in briefing us on the fatberg sample experiments we carried out.

Professor Christopher Quince for letting us use his computer cluster.

Mr Ian Portman for coordinating the imaging suite and helping us to use the fluorescent microscope.

Dr Rebecca Allen for advising us on safety and helping us obtain cells from Switzerland for our collaboration.

Dr Josh Nelthorpe-Cowne for sharing their protocol for extracting DNA from a fatberg .

Fatbergs for being disgusting but interesting to work with.


wellcome trust
New England Biolabs
Science Facutly Grant
School of Life Sciences
IDT Sponsor
EPSRC Sponsor
Warwick Global Research
Twist Bioscience