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Human practices

iGEM provides a wide range of possibilities for aspiring young scientists aiming to develop and implement their ideas. iGEM involves different stakeholders, such as students, academia/scientists, public authorities, and private businesses, who exchange ideas in developing solutions for the same issues.

Our project development includes three most important stages: 1) forming a team, 2) shaping the idea, 3) implementing and improving the processes according to received feedback. The outcomes of each stage, such as conversations, discussions and received feedback, shaped our project and were crucial for pushing forward our final product -"Colight".

The focal point of the forming stage was the meeting with our long-term sponsor Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltic, which has significantly contributed to the development and achievements of our team goals by supporting the preparation of the strategic plan. The plan outlined the main team rules and indicators on how to measure our progress in order to succeed as a team.

During the implementation of the project, we were aiming to receive as much different feedback as possible. We were consulting the representatives of various fields, including but not limited to, academia, business, public authorities, and the general public.

Based on the discussions with bioinformatics specialists, we established the idea of necessary analytical tools for in silico metagenomic mining. The development of the software was one of the most fundamental parts of our project, which was remarkably refined during our organized event-BioHackathon'19.

The aforementioned debate led to the evolution of our project from a transcriptional light-inducible system to a framework for multilevel light-control in bacteria that we are proud to introduce – "Colight".

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