The initiatives of the iGEM-UPRM team achieved a broader understanding of Synthetic Biology in Puerto Rico. Team efforts’ facilitated the introduction of the Synthetic Biology course and laboratory to our campus, being the first in the Caribbean. Pioneering and expanding the knowledge of this discipline, the team interacted with the community spreading awareness on the impact of Synthetic Biology via hands-on workshops. Continuing our journey, high school students across the Island participated in the first Synthetic Biology Summer Camp; where they constructed and presented original prototypes using SBOL and BioBricks. Currently, the team plans general public engagement in the first Synthetic Biology Week on campus through panels and round table discussions. The team’s ongoing prototype, Coli.CTRL, would be a redesigned bacteria capable of responding to stimuli and express a user-defined genetic construct. iGEM-UPRM aspires to continue impacting the social, educational, and investigative sectors of Puerto Rico within Synthetic Biology.

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