Team:UChicago/Composite Part

Composite Parts

Best Composite Part:BBa_K2945006 - AlkL Composite
This part, which we've named the Exporter Operon, contains the gene for the the AlkL channel protein, a ribosome binding site, and the SigA promoter.

Part:BBa_K2945001 - Plasmid containing BBa_K2945000, inserted into Psb1C3 backbone.
This part contains the assembly of BBa_K2945000 into the standard iGEM backbone Psb1C3. This part encodes a fatty acid photodecarboxylase enzyme which converts fatty acids into alkanes in the presence of blue light.

Part:BBa_K2945002 - Plasmid containing BBa_K2945000, and BBa_K325909 inserted into Psb1C3 backbone.
This plasmid contains two primary components: the first is BBa_K325909 which encodes the six necessary genes as well as their relavent component encoding for the production of bioluminescent blue light, the second is BBa_K2945000 which is a gene encoding for fatty acid photodecarboxylase. This part is intended to produce the fatty acid photodecarboxylase and the necessary blue light to catalytically activate it.