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iGEM SBU 2019


The 2019 Stony Brook iGEM team consists of fourteen undergraduate students from various fields of study. We work together well both inside and outside of lab, and we are excited to show our plant project!

Chris Helenek
Biomedical Engineering
Chris has played the game "Flow Free" every day straight for over 1200 days.
Team leader, Modeling (Imaging)
If you can hear me clap once
Anh Vo
Anh once taped pictures of her face all over her dorm for April fool's day.
Team leader, Wet lab
All you have to do is read the damn protocol
Agam Singh
Applied Math
Clarence B. Jones once complimented Agam's beard.
Plant logistics, Wet lab
Is that a parking spot?
Alex Maus
Biomedical Engineering
Alex consistently makes Avengers references even though half the team doesn’t even understand them.
Wet lab, Modeling (TMV Spread)
Did we Autoclave that?
Anya Justin
Chemical and Molecular Engineering
Anya enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons on the weekends.
Wet lab, Characterization
Do I really need to have a quote?
Ayesha Kamran
Ayesha has a 92% accuracy of guessing your zodiac sign correctly.
Wet lab, Modeling (Evolution)
On a scale of Agam to Jihu, with Jesse in the middle, how quiet is he?
Chyna Hardy
Chyna can sing her abc's forwards AND backwards.
Wet lab, Modeling (Imaging)
Idk man. Just make one up. I have faith in you.
Jesse Liu
Biomedical Engineering
Jesse rode the rollercoaster Kingda Ka without screaming.
Wet lab, Modeling (ODE)
What's a plasmid?
Jihu Mun
Computer Science, Applied Math
Jihu can solve the Rubik's cube in 8 seconds. He also plays the piano and violin in his free time.
Wiki, Modeling (TMV Spread)
*Cries in runtime errors*
Kiara Kolaczyk
Kiara was a competitive gymnast for 12 years.
Social Media, PR
Who's posting on Instagram today?
Nabil Chowdhury
Biology, Applied Math
Nabil doesn't get sick. His circuits just overheat.
Wet lab, Construct Design
Robot noises
Parisa Boukani
Biology (Neuroscience)
Parisa can eat 6 slices of pizza in one sitting.
iLab, Modeling (Evolution)
I'll go ask Mrs. Mary
Taylor Pressley
Biology, Sociology
Taylor is allergic to the skin on apples.
PR, Wet Lab
Where's everyone going for lunch?
Vincent Peetz
Biochemistry, Physics
Vincent can speak Russian and German. He also has a hard time fitting into airplane seats from being 193cm tall.
Construct design, Wet lab
I forgot the word 'sentences' existed

iGEM Stony Brook 2019

iGEM Stony Brook 2019