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University of Edinburgh OG and UG Teams

As an extension of our Microbiome outreach project, we spoke to other UK teams at the UK iGEM meet-up about carrying out this project in their local areas. This resulted in a collaboration with the University of Edinburgh OG and UG teams. Together with these two teams, we spent an afternoon at Edinburgh Zoo running fun activities and collecting soil samples to be analysed as part of the project. Their UG team also brought the project to one of their local primary schools again collecting soil samples but also delivering a session on microorganisms and DNA to the primary six and seven students, helping to demonstrate the impact they can have on science. Furthermore, their OG team provided us with some very helpful protocols.

Kings College London (KCL) Team

After discussions with KCL at the UK iGEM meet-up, we made a Rosetta and Pyrosetta guide for them, based on our modelling team's experiences using these programmes for our own project. This allowed them to explore ways to model the association and bonding between two capsid proteins to see how they arrange together to eventually form a capsid. The Rosetta and Pyroseeta guide is on the modelling page.

University College London (UCL) Team

We completed the Emerald Lab checklist as part of their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of iGEM.

University of Wageningen

Over the course of the summer we created a parody video to the song 7 Rings’ by Ariana Grande all about our St. Andrews iGEM experience. This was in collaboration with the University of Wageningen, who ran a 'The Voice of iGEM' contest. We are delighted to announce that we won the award for 'Best Overall' video. Be sure to also check out the runners-up videos on Wageningen's collaborations page.

College of William and Mary

We collaborated with W&M, by sharing a list of double salt bridge proteins, which we collated this summer, with them. Their project was an investigation into the adhesions of E.coli proteins, so they used the protein list that we provided to explore further if any of the adhesion they had looked at were included on our list. This helped them to better understand the nature of the biofilm adhesins they were investigating.

University of Exeter

We collaborated with the University of Exeter to better our understanding of the wiki format. One of the Exeter team members, Adriano Matousek, supported us by sharing crucial tips and strategies on dealing with the wiki. Furthermore, the Exeter iGEM team went to great lengths to help us by creating a tutorial document.

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