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  • Dr. Uli Schwarz-Linek (senior lecturer, school of biology) helped shape the main premise of the project as presented by the team, provided endless advice along the way and was instrumental to shaping the project in addition to providing reagents and other necessities such as plasmids and cells, as well as giving us access to the mass spectrometry facility.

  • Dr. Kirsten Bentley (post-doctoral fellow from the lab of David Evans) was the primary supervisor during lab work, helping sort out both major and minor issues in project design and experimental procedures.

  • Marta Wojnowska (research fellow from the lab of Uli Schwarz-Linek) provided protocols, plasmids and cell lines, and helped troubleshooting cloning and expression.

  • Dr. Clarissa Melo-Czekster (Sir Henry Dale fellow) provided lab supervision, project advice and advice about primer and DNA design.

  • Dr. Helder Ferreira (lecturer, school of biology) offered much advice and troubleshooting with cloning as well as supervision in the lab.

  • We would also like to thank Tracy Gloster (senior lecturer, school of biology) for providing the B-glucosidase thermatoga plasmid, Penny Hood (head teaching technician) for providing access to Purdie teaching lab and the materials donated by the school of biology, Iain Matthews (director of teaching and senior teaching fellow of the school of biology) for providing resources from the school of biology, and Magnus Alphey for conducting the safety talks required for beginning lab work.


  • Chris Hooley (senior lecturer, school of physics) helped with general coding issues and provided access to the Edinburgh cluster

  • John Mitchell (school of chemistry reader) assisted with PDB database navigation

  • Robert Hanson, who was consulted as a JMol expert

  • We would also like to give thanks for the general help and advice from: Alwyn Jones, Edwin Hui, Mark Cox, and Dr. Stewart Norcross

Fundraising help and advice

  • V. Anne Smith (senior lecturer, school of biology) helped organise and form the 2019 team, helped find and apply for funding, and helped to arrange the logistics for the trip to Boston for the Jamboree.


  • Mhairi Stewart (Head of Public Engagement with Research) facilitated outreach efforts, helping organise lessons in local schools


  • Many thanks to Antibody Analytics for their consultation to discuss the applicability of modified monoclonal antibodies in theoretical therapeutic use.

  • Sponsors: University of St Andrews schools of Biology/Maths/Chemistry/Physics/Comp-Sci, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, IDT, GenScript (donated sample of TAQ), Thermofisher (lots of free monarch kits), Twist bioscience, Benchling, Promega, New England Biolabs, Sir Ken Murray fund

  • Thanks and acknowledgements to all other people and groups involved in helping make a successful iGEM team

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