Hypertension is a worldwide health problem that can even be life-threatening. Antihypertensive peptides (AHPs), a kind of food-derived short peptides, can lower blood pressure with almost no side effects compared with the drugs.
Our team developed an antihypertensive probiotic food this year. We constructed AHP multimer, which was expressed in fusion with food-derived protein and then transformed it into probiotics.
The recombinant probiotics can colonize in intestine, then express the fusion protein by the regulation of gastrointestinal different pH. The expressed fusion protein can be hydrolyzed by intestinal enzymes to release the AHPs, which can be absorbed to exert a sustainable and gentle blood pressure lowering effect.
The recombinant probiotic could be made into antihypertensive tablets, powder, capsules and even yogurt. These products are more acceptable to people ,and can be assistant treatment for hypertensive patients to lower their blood pressure and also help those person with borderline blood pressure to prevent hypertension.

Hypertension is a worldwide health problem that seriously threatens human health! The medication could effectively control the condition of hypertension.
However, the prevalence of hypertension has increased year by year.

Medication is no longer the only option for patients with hypertension. Based on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, a green blood pressure lowering method has been developed.

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