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An Algal-Bacterial Consortium for Detection and Degradation of Endocrine disruptors

This project aims to develop tools for bioremediation of estrogenic pollutants by utilizing an algal-bacterial consortium. The project involves expression of laccase enzymes to degrade these phenolic pollutants, and enhance this process in presence of a mediator compound which is produced by metabolically engineered bacteria. The system also can be used to quantify the concentration of estrogen by combining the laccase-mediator system with an engineered bio-sensor which induces expression of a reporter gene in presence of estrogen. In addition to targeting endocrine disruptors, Algae also provide a wastewater treatment solution, lowering Biological and chemical oxygen demand, and removing excess nutrients like phosphate and nitrate sources from the water. The project utilises computational modelling and simulations to predict the degradation of target compounds, and quantify estrogen concentration. In addition to computational modelling, the project also involves in-vitro chemical analysis, and the assembly of the biological constructs by cloning and their characterization.